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Worldwide Software Sales Nov 29-Dec. 5th |

With the release of NPD’s November numbers one would believe the gap between some of the years biggest games is a huge one where the PS3 and 360 are concerned. You may be surprised…

360:Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 6,723,741
PS3: Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 4,432,676

PS3: Assassin’s Creed II 1,450,218
360: Assassin’s Creed II 1,657,457

360: Left 4 Dead 2 1,327,306
PS3: Uncharted 2: Among Thieves 1,985,013

PS3: Tekken 6 899,528
360: Tekken 6: Not in the top 50

360: Borderlands 942,944
PS3: Borderlands Not in the top 50

360:Dragon Age: Origins 741,849
PS3: Dragon Age: Origins Not in the top 50

PS3:Need for Speed: Shift 1,243,706
360: Need for Speed: Shift 887,679

PS3:FIFA Soccer 10 2,212,431
360:FIFA Soccer 10 1,654,554

According to VGC’s numbers, Uncharted 2 is well on it’s way to the 2 million mark and is currently outselling LFD2 on the 360. No surprise MW2 is leading the way on the 360 but the PS3 version of Assassin’s Creed 2 isn’t far behind the 360 version. It actually sold more on the PS3 at the close of the week of the 5th.

Apparently PS3 fans have little interest in Borderlands or Dragon Age. Both are selling better on the 360.

Sadly, Ratchet and Clank: ASiT have fallen off the top 50 chart. Has the series reached it’s peak or has it fallen victim to being released too close to the other juggernauts of the year?

  • JimmyMagnum

    PS3’s CoD picked up a lot of headroom, closer to 1.5:1 than the previous 3:1 for the month of November, so that’s a very good change.

    AFA the Ratchet and Clank deal, it’s really not surprising since the game wasn’t even advertised that much to begin with, and it’s not really a universally well-known series since it doesn’t get nearly as much coverage as other games.

    That, and it was released at a pretty bad time, what, within a couple weeks of another big exclusive? IDK if that’s going to reflect the next 6 months or not, since those will be loaded with a lot of PS3 exclusives

  • kingjames32

    HELL YEAH! Uncharted 2 just won GOTY at the VGA’s. Congrats to Naughty Dog for making such an awsome game. I really enjoyed playin it from start to finish. Well deserved and congrats once again.

  • Yay! I thought MW2 was going to win over U2 for GotY. U2 also won in the best graphics and best PS3 game catergories.

    This is the only time I wish I had watched VGA, lol.

  • kingjames32

    Man im so f***** happy that U2 won GOTY! Tides are finally turning for ps3 and im glad im on board.

  • JimmyMagnum

    watch it with the language there cowboy lol

    And yeah, I’m not surprised. As far as the new trailer premiers go, Im looking forward to Star Wars the force unleashed 2, Medal of Honor looks good, and Batman: Arkham Asylum 2, the new Prince of Persia game (though, it’d be kinda cool if they stayed with the last one’s underrated art style) can’t wait!

  • If you are going to refer to VGC numbers, why not use them properly?

    Their charts show that Tekken 6 is at no 16 in the xbox 360-chart, with 415,111 copies sold.

    In the PS3 chart, you will find Borderlands at no. 20 with 342,896 copies sold, and Dragon Age: Origins at no. 12 with 368,904 copies sold.

  • @Gabriel

    I used the WW weekly chart for the week of Nov29th-Dec5th that shows the top 50 software sales for all systems not their indiviual charts.

  • Actually it shows the top 200 so you should be able to find these games anyway.

  • Ok, my bad, it turns out you actually have to be a registered user to see more than the top 50.

  • I bought dragon age for the PC