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New Uncharted 2 Multiplayer Player Skins |


Pinkerton and Rika are  bonuses  when you purchase the Uncharted: Eye of Indra bundle that contains all four episodes of the motion comic . Unfortunatly ( unless you live in EU ), this bundle is currently only available in Europe.

Why, ND? Why??

  • Royalty32

    Speaking of Uncharted 2. I just want to send my congrats to Naughty Dog for winning GAME OF THE YEAR at the VGA’s. This was an well deserved award and im just so excited for them. Uncharted 2 hands down was the best game of 2009 from single player to multiplayer, the experience i got from this game was breathe taking. Also congrats to Sony for not giving up and sticking with the ps3 and for making some of the best exclusives this year. PS3 totally deserves console of the year. Again CONGRATS to Naughty Dog, cant wait for U3.

  • I like the constant additions the ND is making to the game. I’ve been playing the multiplayer for a month and it’s great. It’s a bit better balanced and less camper friendly than other shooters I’ve played. My suggestions. Party up with people. and use a mic, be polite.
    The only addition I wish ND would ad is the flag of the country that the player is from. I think it would be interesting to see where everyone is from.

  • Luke

    Nice research fleakitten. You mentioned the new character on the live chat and then got us some more info.

    I also have to give it up to Naughty Dog they are supporting this game big time, I am sure we are going to get some kind of a theme for X-mas.

  • Such skins give a different look to our PSPs , I will love to have classic Islander skin on my PSP.

  • I was so ready to buy this just for the new skins. I hope they add this fot NA players soon.

  • there is new one like the infamous character and some bird dude he is a actual bird with machines behind him hes awesome i bought seven new ones from ps3 store today

  • LOL-man

    its wierd i downloaded the pinkerton and rika costume a month ago and i cant play theme is ot becuse i buyd it in australlia or somethin.