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IGN Best of 2009 Awards. |

No surprises with Uncharted scoring highly winning in 5 categories including PS3 Game of the Year. To check out the awards click here. or hit the jump for a full list of winners.

Best Action Game: Uncharted 2
Best Fighting Game: BlazBlue: Calamity Trigger
Best Music Game: DJ Hero
Best Puzzle Game: Critter Crunch
Best Racing Game: Need for Speed: Shift
Best Role-Playing Game: Demon’s Souls
Best Shooter: Killzone 2
Best Sports Game: FIFA 10
Award for Visual Excellence: Uncharted 2
Award for Excellence in Sound: Uncharted 2
Best Story: Infamous
Best Multiplayer Game: Uncharted 2
Best PlayStation 2 Game: Ar Tonelico 2: Melody of MetaFalica
Best PlayStation Store Game: Shatter
PS3 Game of the Year: Uncharted 2

  • Best Fighting Game: BlazBlue?

    What’s so special about that game anyway?

  • Blackstaffer

    Did you watch the video for the 360 awards? All the games except for Forza were multi-plat. And ACII won, which is also available for the PS3. The PS3 just had better software this year. But get this – the video they show of ACII was the PS3 version. 😛

  • Blackstaffer

    But I find it hard to believe that they chose KZ2 over MW2 for best shooter. If the category was best looking shooter, then yeah. KZ2 would win hands down. But best all around shooter? I hate to say it but MW2 is a lot more fun.