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Life With PlayStation Updated to 1.2 |

Update 1.2 adds support for video playback and photo slideshows. For those in the US, a new channel is available to you. It’s the PlayStation Network Game Trailers Channel. Which has trailers for games on the PlayStation Store and info about the game. Plus you can even purchase the games without leaving Life With PlayStation. There is a auto playback mode, which plays trailers from the PlayStation store continuously.

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  • Musoka_Eimin

    Folding at home does simulations of proteins to see how they “fold”. Protein folding leads to cancer and other diseases. So these simulations use the PS3s high end power to try to understand this process and attempt to find ways to fight disease and cancer. Stanford University shares all this information with the medical community worldwide. Good things for people wanting to try this to know are that once you download a work unit with [email protected] you only have a certain amount of time to finish it, so its best to start it and just let the work unit finish, if you turn off the application and don’t start it up in a day or two the work unit may not contribute because it will finish after they needed that data set. What I do is I set my Life with PlayStation to autostart, (highlight the life with playstation icon press triangle, you will see autostart in your options). Ok so now it starts after 10 minutes. Load the app up, once folding at home is running press triangle, choose [email protected] settings, choose auto shutdown, set it to “After Current” (or you can select a certain amount of time to run and shut off). Choosing “After Current” shuts off PS3 after it completes the current workload. You can also set your controllers to auto turn off in your PS3 controller settings. This way I do my gaming, leave the PS3 on when I’m done, it goes into its workload, stays on for a few hours or whatever and its always off in the morning when I get up. You can leave your controllers plugged in to charge and it shuts off on its own conveniently a while later, perfect setup for me. I don’t leave my PS3 on every night, but I do it a lot, and I think its fine, I wouldn’t worry too much, its good to at least do this once in a while, and I urge people to try it. My method will set you up so all you have to do is leave the PS3 on and it will do the rest. You can also set the [email protected] app to expert mode to use more processing power and get the job done faster. You can also select under [email protected] options “mode” and select advanced more complicated simulations, but be warned those simulations do in fact take longer to complete. Thats my pitch, try [email protected] it may help to save a loved one or yourself some day!