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Final Fantasy XIV Beta Sign Up Is Live |


You need a Square Enix Account login and have to fill out a pretty detailed questionaire. I am ready to go. I’ll be signing my wife up when I get home as well since we both still play FFXI.

Who else is on board?


  • I’m there!

    Edit: It says they’ll be a PS3 Beta at a later date. That sounds interesting. I think I’ll hold off until they open up the PS3 beta.

  • sam sam

    when you sign up it asks you what system you want to beta test for. so i think if you apply now you will be signed up for ps3.

  • Ah cool. Thanx Sam.

  • Kicks

    Just hoping that their site starts to work consistently so that I can register

  • Trieloth

    dood whats with this facebook nonsense where is the web site? I want to sign up.

  • Trieloth

    nvm I found it

  • giz

    too much links xD

    ps3blog->facebook-> facebook security -> .ffxivcore -> finally(!) Beta SignUp xD

    anyway, thx :> signed up , now *w8* ^^

  • Eddie

    Yea sorry for the link confusion. I was in the process or trying to sign up on my IPOD Touch since the website was blocked at work and still get the word out to everyone at the same time lol.

  • Do you need an active PlayOnline account to signup or somthing? I can’t get pass the SE ID and password requirement.

  • Eddie

    You do need a square enix account but you do not need a playonline account. So go sign up for a square enix account (you will need one anyways to play ffxiv when it launches) then fill out this form.

    Playonline is going away and will not be used for FFXIV.

  • I see. Thanx.