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Sodium One Launches in PlayStation Home Today |

This update sounds really cool! In fact, it might draw a lot of attention and could just be something that would get you into Home. What it is is a 50-level vehicle combat game accessible from a “highly interactive” game space. Here’s what was said about it on the Official Blog:

This entertainment event, set in a future of advanced technology where man and machine meet on a vast salt plain to turn deadly battle into extreme sport, resides only in the ever-growing world of PlayStation Home.

The name of the launch event is call “Salt Shooter”. Here’s details on that, as well as some of the other features within Sodium One:

a 50 level combat challenge where players can collect items to level up gameplay and strategically customize hovertanks with weapons, armor, and countermeasures. These level-ups can be obtained in a variety of ways, including meeting in-game objectives, trading resources collected in the Sodium world, and purchasing items that unlock upgrades in the Sodium environment (such as the tank pilot jackets, which grant access to additional levels of the game, leaderboards, and the pilots’ VIP lounge). All of this is built upon an MMO framework that includes additional games like Desert Quench and Scorpion Stomp, associated rewards and collectibles, and personal questing adventures, all of which are tracked by the Sodium AI Information Android known as VICKIE.

There are plans to expand this over time and offer up new games and challenges, as well as virtual items and the like. From the sound of things, you may have to pay to unlock the full game, but over the next 7 days, they’re going to hand out 1,050 voucher codes (150 codes per day) for people who log into Home and interact with VICKIE to unlock the full game. The whole thing has been developed by Outso Ltd. and published by Lockwood Publishing Ltd. I might have to check this out :).

  • Kenneth Harris

    I saw this earlier on the official blog…thanx for posting though as I can never watch the videos off da official blog on my iphone or my computer here at work. I have to say tho that HOME stilll makes me wanna YAWN…I was just thinking the other day how it was like a year ago that I was so tryin get n the HOME beta…and so excited about what HOME could do to complement my online gaming and here a year has passed and I find HOME to be almost useless (save for a few trailers or vids in the theater). There is just really nothing in there that makes me or my friends wanna go and chill n there. Do people actually use the clubs in any meaningful way. No TVs or radios….no 1 vs. 100 type functionality. I want to like HOME but after the originality novelty of the closed BETA and putting naked pics of chicks in my apt wore off HOME is just still so BLAH to me. 🙁

  • sam sam

    i enjoy home alot nowadays. they run different contests and prmotions several times a week and a lot of the mingames are very enjoyable. i can go play a game of poker for an hour in the EA space or try for a high score in one of the many shooter games. i got on sodium this morning and it really made me happy though, this is what home needs to be like. constant rewards and MMO style gaming. it’s only 4.99 to unlock the rest of the levels and i thnk i just might finally spend some money there

  • Darrin

    I played this briefly: so far, Xi is better.

    There is too much focus on the core tank action game, which is just a glorified mini-game. Lots of cool community features and gorgeous 3D spaces to poke around though. I will keep checking this out.

    Beyond Sodium, looking at Home as a whole, it is definitely not a game changer as of yet, but a cool novelty to poke around. The EA space, the Siren haunted house, the Buzz game, and Xi are all very cool. The PixelJunk space is gorgeous although it’s just a virtual museum type space. I love checking out the new spaces and maybe engaging in some mindless chit chat for a little bit, but beyond that I’m not going to just hang out there.

  • sam sam

    i beg to differ about itbeing a glorified minigame, you can upgrade like crazy, there are bosses and such and you get items to spend on real world(home) ornaments and clothing. now if it was multiplayer it would be A LOT BEETER