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Playstation Premium Content Subscription Based Survey |


Token Wagering
Cloud Storage Space
Free access to Betas
Free access to Psone Classics, Minis, wallpapers and themes
Full title trial- 1hour is free for new games released on PSN
Discount of store content
Extended console warranty
Loyalty Reward Program
Cross Game Chat

In a recent survey that has went out (not sure exactly to who yet), 4 different playstation premium subscriptions were defined. Three of them at $69.99 a year and one at $29.99 a year.

As you can see above, many new idea and old ideas have been mentioned over the years but never came to fruition. Well its seems the reason behind this is that they will be bundled in a Premium PSN Subscription.

The way I’m reading into this, it seems that playing games online, and pretty much everythign we can do now will remain free, however many new features will be added to the subscription based perks. Such as playing any PSOne game at any time! And of course the PSN Cloud that was rumored sometime back!

So what do you all think of this? If everything we can do now remains free…but this stuff is subscription based, what would you do?

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  • hobbes

    this is the route i thought they’d take, not sure i like the cross game chat approach being 1hr limit, hopefuly it’s a 1hr limit per day or something like that, else i don’t think it’d get used much. I’d seriously consider a subscription if i’d save money on discounts, and psn purchases.

  • Eddie

    the 1 hour limit isn’t for chat…its for full version games. Basically you can play any game released on PSN for a full hour to make up your mind if you want to purchase it or not.

  • I don’t think the cross game chat was limited by an hour – that was something else.

    I don’t like cross-game chat being a “premium” feature. I understand things like access to music and videos, but not cross-game chat. All your friends would have to pay for the service too to make it useful.

  • Royalty32

    So r they really bout to charge for psn. Say it aint so.

  • hobbes

    i don’t have a problem with the charging for things, minus chat, i really believe chat should be for free. but i guess maybe it’s a bandwidth thing.

  • Eddie

    i think this has the potential to blow XBL out of the water with some of these personally. As long as gameply remains free that is.

  • Royalty32

    This is BULLSHIT. One of the main reasons why i got a ps3 is because i didnt have to pay for online. Ur tellin me that i have to pay for it in 2010. I could care less about DLC and add-ons. I dont wanna pay to play. This is BULLSHIT. Xbox 360 here i come.

  • Eddie

    Royalty…please read more carefully…this has NOTHING to do with paying for online. Online as it is…will be so even if this launches. This is for Premium Content.

    This is extra stuff…not to play online.

  • User to User Challenges? Wonder what that’s about.

  • Royalty32

    Awwww……ok thanks for clearing that up, ur rite i should of read it more carefully.

  • Ves

    This I like. It keeps the most important free, that is playing online against others free.

    Other stuff like exclusive stuff, die-hard throphy challenges ect. that goes to those who are willing to pay for it.

  • Eddie

    I agree Ves. Nothing but good can come out of this.

  • sam sam

    so if someone is talking crap i can do a user-user challenge and wager tokens that i can use to spend on stuff? that;s what i am getting out of that. also cloud storage is brilliant. you didnt put down all the features that are in the survey inclusing a hulu tv application, music video application, online radio, netflix without disc and more facebook integration. i think this is awesome and by this time next year ps3 will have the better online!

  • yodaddy

    If it was to pay to put more rubber duckies in my summer home.. I will pass but, I can see myself lossing alot of tokens in wagers. If its worth it… I will pay

  • on the cloud storage thing, will it save my read only killzone2 savegame, which I then can actually play on a new unit?

  • JimmyStewart

    Shame about the cross game chat for those looking forward to it. I only know a handful of people with PS3s and none of them have headsets so it’s not an issue for me but it seems to be the most common request on here, and it is a feature I use quite a bit 360 wise.

    Other than that, it’s an interesting idea… but I’d take the $10 or so I spend a year on the few themes and PSOne classics I play over a $30-60 subscription. As cool as an unlimited access type thing would be, it’s really hard to justify it against not really wanting that content in the first place. Plus I’m guessing when you stop the subscription you lose the games. I’m still struggling with DLC and the idea of owning something you don’t actually hold… I’m not really keen on the idea of paying out that much and not even “owning” a file. Now if they had a deal on the PS3 games, like the PixelJunk series, I’d be FAR more interested.

    Hopefully there are enough people out there who would find this useful. It’ll probably be those early adopters who make sure the free PSN features we love today remain free for the immediate future. If Sony doesn’t make up the revenue lost on supporting that, they’ll have to make it up somehow. It’s funny, the more successful the console gets and the more people they convince to play online the harder the service will be to provide. It’s starting to scare me a little bit. Earlier this year I was pretty confident that the free online on the PS3 would prompt MS to either reduce or eliminate the cost in XBox Live. Now I’m starting to think it’s just a matter of time til the PS3 is pay to play and XBox Live will start raising their rates.

  • at first i thought they were considering removing any access to PSone classics unless you had premium. which of course would piss me off. but if it actually means that you have unlimited access to any PS1 game at any time (which i think it does), then sign me up!

  • somerandomguy

    I fully support a prem psn if if it fits it price. It just better not be 70 bucks. 30 bucks sounds good to me. However there are rumors of xbl going down to 10 bucks a year so Im hoping sony sees that a 70 dollar service is a bad bad bad idea.