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Tekken Movie Poster Teased on Japanese Warner Bros. Site |

Tekken Movie Teaser

The movie poster came from the Warner Bros. site, keep an eye on that page for any updates. I’m not getting my hopes up for this movie though, but I will see it. There has been so many bad video game movies. The Tekken Anime was ok I guess. The people they picked for the roles fit the characters pretty well though. The movie will be released in Japan, March 2010.

Based on the long running and highly successful Namco video game franchise of the same name, TEKKEN is a high-octane, action packed thriller written for the screen by Alan McElroy (Spawn, The Marine) and to be directed by Dwight Little (Anacondas, Murder at 1600) with fight choreography tentatively by Dion Lam (Spider-Man 2, Doom, Red Cliff).

Set in 2039, the film promises non-stop high flying action as the greatest fighters from around the world come to compete in the last and greatest sporting event of all time, the Fist Tournament. After World Wars destroy much of civilization as we know it, the remaining territories are no longer run by governments, but by corporations the mightiest of which is Tekken. In order to keep the masses down, Tekken sponsors the Iron Fist Tournament in which fighters compete to the death for ultimate glory and receive a lifetime of stardom and wealth.

We are introduced to this violent world through the eyes of Jin Kazama, a street fighter that enters the tournament in order to avenge the death of his mother that he blames upon Tekken’s powerful and controlling Chairman, Heihachi Mishima. He knows that the only way to get close enough to Mishima to kill him is to win the tournament. With the help of Lucas, an ageing Iron Fist Champion and fight trainer, Jin makes his way through the tournament, but in doing so, he begins to uncover his own past and inner demons as well as exposing a dark underbelly to Tekken that threatens the very existence of humanity. With futuristic and imaginative sets, a compelling story, and fight sequences combining fighting styles from all over the world. TEKKEN is in line to become one of the greatest action films of all time.

First Look At Japanese Poster For Tekken Movie

  • Where’s Sergei and why’s Christie caucasian?

    Edit: Just googled the cast for the film. My fav SPETSNAZ is in the movie. Yay!

  • Joonas


    I haven’t found a proper place to open up about this debacle yet, but here goes. (The “debacle” in this case being the negative attitude from fans towards this movie.)

    Everyone’s saying:

    – “Oh, is there a Tekken movie coming out? I’m sure it’s gonna be shit.”

    and – “The actors are shit.”

    Let me get something straight here… First of all, I love the fact McElroy is “drawing” the movie. I’ve been a sort of fan of the Spawn comic, and it’s one of the most dark and stylish franchises out there. About Dwight Little I don’t know, I think Wrong Turn was pretty good stuff as well as Anacondas.

    Now to the ‘actors-‘

    *Cary Tagawa as Heihachi is the biggest win of this movie. He’s a bigger name than Heihachi anyway. I know a lot about the man and he was a great martial artist but later became interested in the healing and spiritual aspect and created Chun Shin.

    *Ian Anthony Dale as Kazuya will be probably the best acted role of the movie. I’ve become a fan of the guy already. He knows Kung Fu but I don’t know how much. Check

    *Jon Foo looks good as hell, girls will love him. He’s a Wushu master and stuntman, he can pull of the coreography no sweat. He’s not a power karate fighter but he’s great for the role. I was a fan of Jin but I’m now much bigger fan of Jon Foo.

    *Jae Hee as Hwoarang (still a rumour cast) he knows some Tae Kwon Do and has the looks. Probably there would be a more convincing Hwoarang Do Tae Kwon Do man somewhere to play the role, but let’s see.

    *Darrin Henson as Raven. Looks are spot on. He’s a pro dance coreographer and has done martial arts for 15 years and now gets the chance to show what he’s got.

    *Lateef Crowder as Eddy. This man flies in the air with all those muscles and does the most amazing moves ever. Here is a man who takes physics to the limit. Bigger than Eddy.

    *Gary Daniels as Bryan. Gary is the real life Bryan. He’s got the looks, the style, and the body of Bryan. He’s a kickboxing champion. Awesome cast! Let’s see how well he did his character research. Well, you don’t want to see that stupid laugh in the movie do you.

    *Luke Goss as Steve. Will be a great role in acting terms. So much more style in this man than in the young, cheesy and annoying boxer Steve in the game. Brave but great move.

    With 70 million $ budget there will be no excuses really. With this cast, I’m expecting this to be GREAT.

    I wish people would stop spreading negative info that is based on nothing but the fact some other video game movies flopped. Don’t talk about what you have not studied. I think people will be amazed at this movie.

  • Joonas

    Oh, and Cyril Raffaelli is doing the coreography. Check out his parkour videos. He will collaborate well with Jon Foo.

  • Joonas

    Oh, and:

    Anton Kasabov as Sergei Dragunov. Anton is a bloody brilliant Tae Kwon Do martial artist, and he’s got the looks. Awesome cast!

    Nathan Jones as Marduk. The game character is based on this man, so…

    Cung Le as Law. He was unbeaten MMA (or UFC?) champ until two weeks ago.

    Win after win…

  • I’m more excited for the movie after you explained about the characters the the budget for the movie. I loved the Spawn movie myself. 🙂