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The Weekly Recap (December 20th-26th) |

Wow, a VERY slow week this week! Not really surprised, though. Many of us were probably out of town, visiting family for the holidays. Hopefully you all enjoyed the past week! News was few and far between this week, no real big news to really speak of. Trev posted a review for the EU PlayStation video store, and a fun article of Sackboy’s adventure in getting a Slim after his first PS3 got a YLOD :P. Most other articles were information of games soon to be released, such as what’s included with the purchase of certain software and things like that. No big announcements, though.

Not much going on in the community this week. We only had a total of 11 counted submissions as well. Again, this is no surprise. I’m sure Sinlock is enjoying his new collection of games, though :P. Anyway, beyond that, here’s our recognitions for the week (I didn’t mean to dominate it this week guys 🙁 ):

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  • JimmyMagnum – 4 Entries

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Christmas with the Playstation Video Store.
Trev – December 20th

Playstation Video Store Review.
Trev – December 21st

Heavy Rain Collector’s Edition and Delayed Trophies
fleakitten – December 21st

God of War: Blood and Metal EP Announced
JimmyMagnum – December 21st

Premium Avatars Finally Coming
JimmyMagnum – December 22nd

Aliens vs Predator – Story Trailer
Tosh – December 23rd

Tekken Movie Poster Teased on Japanese Warner Bros. Site
Tosh – December 23rd

Aliens vs Predator | Hunter Edition release date
Tosh – December 23rd

A Sackboy PS3 Adventure.
Trev – December 23rd

ModNation Racers: Track Editor Information
JimmyMagnum – December 23rd

Rome and Madrid Shown Off in Newest GT5 Trailer
JimmyMagnum – December 25th

New Blu-ray 3D Specs Set.
Sinlock – December 20th

Saints Row 3 to Debut at E3
JimmyMagnum – December 21st

New Game Releases for the Week of December 20th
JimmyMagnum – December 21st

Uncharted 2 Decks the Halls
JimmyMagnum – December 23rd

Thanks for reading! Be sure to check out the first Weekly Recap of the year next week!


9 (December 29th on Blu-Ray)

Not much to look forward to this weekend in theaters (the Loss of a Teardrop Diamond and the White Ribbon are the only movies for Friday). No new game releases either, unfortunately.

  • Awesome! Very Rocking huh! What a Creativity man… Love you……