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Poll: How important is multiplayer support? |

It’s time for a new poll. As usual vote in the sidebar. If you have any ideas for polls please respond to this forum topic, so we can change it up more often.

Here are the results of the last poll. Looks like we have a lot of old school gamers here 🙂

When did you start gaming?

  • Gen1 = Atari, Intellivision, Com 64
    76 Votes 46% of all votes
  • Gen2 = Nintendo, Sega, TurboGrafx-16
    44 Votes 27% of all votes
  • Gen4 = Playstation, N-64, Sega Saturn
    18 Votes 11% of all votes
  • Gen3 = SNES, Sega Genesis, CD-i
    12 Votes 7% of all votes
  • Gen5 = PS2, Dreamcast, Gamecube, XBox
    7 Votes 4% of all votes
  • My first was a handheld i.e. Gameboy, Lynx, PSP, N-DS
    4 Votes 2% of all votes
  • Before Gen1
    3 Votes 2% of all votes
  • Gen6 = PS3, XBox360, Wii
    0 Votes 0% of all votes
  • Total Votes: 164 Started: December 12, 2009

  • “Not important at all” gets my vote.

    It’s nice to play online now and then, but all too often an online experience is ruined by cheats, laggers, bad losers and just plain unpleasant people. Even in the games I have with online multiplayer, they rarely get played.

    If the online community was actually anything like… well, a community… it would be much more fun, and it might become important to me. But as it is, the “win at all costs” mentality of many/most online gamers is sad and unpleasant in equal measure.

    So I’d much rather games provided a solid, decent length single-player than anything else.

    Maybe a decent offline multiplayer with split-screen, but even that I can live without.

  • Eddie

    Where is the “I want it all” option? I don’t want tacked on online…I don’t want online concentrated on only….I want Uncharted 2 in every game. Both online and offline play.

  • Eddie: Where is the “I want it all” option?I don’t want tacked on online…I don’t want online concentrated on only….I want Uncharted 2 in every game.Both online and offline play.  

    I added that as a option Eddie.

  • Eddie

    Thank you kind sir.

  • JimmyStewart

    Tagged for split screen co-op getting my vote. Without that most games don’t even get considered for a purchase in my house.

    As for online multiplayer (say FPS matches), that comes to me on a game by game basis. For a Halo or a Call of Duty it’s a big selling point of the game to me. But for 9 out of the other 10 FPS games I buy I won’t even load it up. I think I played Resistance 1 online once and I rarely play Gears 2’s Horde mode online (I like the local play just fine). Also it depends on how much time it factors into the games development, I don’t want to see multiplayer added into a game if it affects the quality of work going into the single player experience. If they happen to have time to make some multiplayer after their finished, I don’t see the harm in it. Take Resistance, it might not have been good enough to steal much time from Halo or CoD for me personally but I’m sure there’s some kid out there who only got one game under the tree that year and to him that multiplayer was probably all he played.

  • Royalty32

    It can b a 50/50 choice, sometimes its good when single player and mutiplayer work well together like Uncharted 2 and Gears 2 and sometimes it doesnt work like MW2 when the main focus on da game is multiplayer. Whats the point of even making single player when its gonna suck.

  • Trieloth

    Multiplayer is cool and all that but its really hard to drink beer when you cant pause the game. I work all day so I needs to relaxe. Most of the time I play single player games. When people come over its good to have multiplayer though… I absolutily cant stand split screen games. It better use the whole screen for MP or forget it.

  • Eddie

    hehe I agree on the beer comment Trieloth. Too much getting up to pee for me lol.

  • Multiplayer is great. I can understand the comments about “griefers” online but until there is a way to “punish them” there are no consequences for their actions.
    SOCOM was ruined because of a few glitcher.
    Uncharted 2 has surprising few glitches and the community “for the most part is quite good” It helps the game isn’t a camper fest. It’s online is great.