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PS3 SLIM Shortages in North America? |



It appears that several major retailers are having a hard time keeping PS3 SLIMs in stock.  This should come as no surprise. Infact  Sony’s Jack Tretton predicted shortages would arise after the  much needed price cut and introduction of the PS3 SLIM.

Over at Gamestop the 120GB PS3 SLIM  is currently listed as ‘Backordered’.  At Walmart’s Online Store  Infamous’ PS3 SLIM bundle  is listed as  Out of Stock .  The 120 GB at Amazon is listed as temporarily out of stock while the 250 GB is still available. Best Buy is taking on-line orders but has no in-store pickup. FYI and Target are also sold out of the 120 GB SLIM according to their websites.

How’s the situation where you live?

  • erwin

    In Nashville, TN. There ain’t NOTHING!!!!! Not even 250gb, not even refurbished fat PS3s.

  • jerry

    This is freaking great news. My brother, my sisters boyfriend and my female roommate all got PS3’s for Christmas. I can’t wait to see the sales report from Sony or NPD. 360 is totally going to be in third place. Sony might actually be the number one system, seeing as everyone already has a wii.

  • Mike

    That’s the situation here in Columbus, OH as well. BUT, I managed to pick one up today from our local Sony Style store. They’ve got plenty of ’em!

  • Brandon

    Still nothing in Orlando. Best Buy says later this week.

  • Cueil

    Come now jerry… the PS3 is some 9 million units behind in the US… it’s never going to make up that difference. The Xbox 360 has a better chance of winning in Japan.

  • reddog

    Nothing is Massachusetts either. PS80 died on X-MAS day. Do want to refurbish i want a new slim with the warranty this time. Sony your killing me!!!!

  • Sully

    Rochester NY is sold out at all the major retailers as well. I traded in all of my xbox360 items to switch over to ps3 and now i have to wait with nothing but gamestop store credit. 🙁

  • reddog

    Mike was right; who has the all the PS3 Slims, SONY!!! The Sony style stores and Outlets are fully stocked, along with their web site, I just picked up a 120 slim and got the two year warranty for and additional 49.99. If you go to their web site they have a listing of all the stores in each state.

  • Sully

    Update: The Bestbuy in Buffalo, NY just got in a new palette of PS3’s yesterday (1/10/10). So maybe we’re seeing a new shipment coming out everywhere.

    Also you can get them online at Sony’s store (5-7 day free ground shipping). Here’s the link:

  • Costco has a bunch of them in stock for 349 with a remote and uncharted. Just picked one up 2 weeks ago. Uncharted still sealed cuz I dont like those type of games.

  • DC

    Same in Tulsa area. Best buys have been out for a few weeks, target and walmart hasn’t had any since Christmas, gamestop have had them backordered for 4 weeks, sears, toysrus, kmart all out!

    A best buy manager told me they are keeping track of the daily calls now for ps3’s and he abha over 200 calls a day of complaints and inquiries. Walmart, target and best buy all have told me that even the distribution centers are empty. I won’t buy mine now until they get this figured out.

    Something is fishy in my opinion. To see so many at christmas and now none in the country. I think a bundle is coming out or big news to juggernaut the ps3 into the #1 spot.

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