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Rumor: GTA IV Episodes coming to PS3 |


This was hinted at recently and now here is another related rumor coming in:

“We are proud to announce that both episodes experiencies -and a new one- will be available for the PS3. We cannot wait people to play it” commented Dan Houser during a press conference.

Personally, the GTA series is my favorite and this is my #1 most wanted 360 title, so I couldn’t be happier. The only 2010 release that I’m more excited for is Rockstar’s western GTA game, Red Dead Redemption.


UPDATE: Changed this post from official confirmation to rumor. I think I got a little over excited on this one. Luckily, we have some readers who were more diligent in fact checking than i. psxextreme ran this story as an official announcement, and later updated their story to indicate this as merely a rumor (the text indicates that it was always a rumor, but it was not). Anyway, I updated this post to rumor status. I think this will happen, but we will have to wait and see for official confirmation.

  • Trieloth

    I for one could careless about the expansions…and the game (to blurry and the driving sucked). The question is will everyone else? Did the Fallout expansions sell all that well after they showed up so freaking late? Oh well what ever have fun.

  • JimmyMagnum

    IMO, the GTA4 vehicle handing was better haha. Also, this news isn’t real surprising, it was bound to happen sooner or later. The XBots are probably sh*tting bricks because of the announcement though lol.

    I do wonder what that new episode is….

  • Sorry, but your source seems pretty bogus to me. Please check your facts before you call things official.

  • steffo

    This is totally fake, as Toby pointed out.
    For one thing, I doubt that Rockstar would hire anyone as illiterate as the fool that typed this out, and secondly, I imagine that they’d make a much bigger deal out of the whole thing direct from the source, and not on some backwater of the internet.

  • Luke

    This would be awesome if it were true but that site does look shady. After checking the trusted Google I noticed that I couldn’t find anything else about this. Although there are a bunch of articles about Dan Houser confirming GTA V.

  • Nick

    I have to agree with Toby, please don’t post rumours and flag them as OFFICIAL if there is no official confirmation on corp websites etc. It just makes you look ridiculous as a website and gets fans hopes up.

  • JimmyStewart

    Even if it is still a rumor, I’m hoping there’s truth to it for you guys! Exclusivity deals always suck for those limited to a single console. I really really adored GTA4. Best game I’ve played on a console. The sad thing is, I downloaded the first DLC when it was released and still haven’t played it. Haven’t purchased the second one yet, probably will when I actually get around top playing the first one. At this point I’m kinda tempted to just pick up that disc.

    And JimmyMagnum, the “XBots” probably won’t be depositing any bricks over the eventual release of these DLC packs. Instead they’ll be surprised that after so long anyone would still care. I really hate the childish feud between single console owners, but I’ll pass along some advise. You aren’t “winning” when your version of talking trash is related to finally getting DLC years after it was relevant.
    If you’re keeping score at home I’d say the wins come from same day and date launches (things like FF and DMC were important), getting great games a year or so later, not so much (Bioshock and NG2 pop into mind). A 360 fan won’t see you guys getting content later as a threat, I’d say the recent PS3 lineup is what has them stocking up on Depends. Critical darlings like Uncharted 2 make them take notice. And for me personally, when I really want to demo the PS3 to friends I’m always ready to show of PJMonsters (and anything else they’re up to atm).

  • Sinlock

    Jimmy hits it right on the button. GTA4 came out 20 months ago I’m sure a large portion of the PS3 gaming world is not going to care about getting DLC thats almost a year old. I loved GTA4 but I’ve moved on.

  • JimmyMagnum

    well keep in mind the old GTA3 GTAs came out at a much later time on the XBox after their PS2 debuts and they still got a lot of attention on that front, so PS3 getting the DLC could be considered big for some. I just think the Microsoft owners might still feel a little down that their exclusives are no longer exclusive and the PS3 first party lineup kills anything they have to offer 😛

  • Royalty32

    I believe that this will come to ps3 in Q1 of 2010 with an new episode. With enhanced graphics and gameplay.

    P.S. Just in ps3 won Console of the Year. Congrats to sony for an amazing console and along with a great console comes a great lineup of software. With U2 winning GOTY and great title like AC2, Demons Souls, RC:ACiT, Infamous and many more the ps3 well deserves this award. The good thing that comes with this is that 2010 will on be better.

  • darrin

    A: I’m embarassed for originally posting this as official (even though psxextreme did and they are normally pretty reliable)

    B: Sure, the masses may have moved passed GTA 4, the DLC sales on 360 were disappointing, but this DLC is still my #1 360-exclusive that I want to play.

    C: Red Dead Redemption will probably be better, but I plan to buy and finish both.

  • matt

    The 2 downloads for 360 will NEVER COME TO PS3. Microsoft paid $50 million for the rights. Unless Sony pays Microsoft (NEVER going to happen), it will always remain 360 exclusive. Microsoft didn’t make their money back on the downloads. They may have sold more units of the full game because of the episodes. Who knows if this swayed people or not.

    This does not mean that new episodes will not be released. I highly doubt it as Rockstar should be working on the next full release game. If the 2 episodes sold better on 360 it may be a different story.

    I fully expect a new game to be announced this year at E3.

  • JimmyMagnum

    a new GTA wont be announced for a while, seeing as the people who worked on GTAIV (Rockstar North) are currently working on the PS3 exclusive Agent. More than likely, we will finally be seeing gameplay from that game, so a new GTA will most likely not be seen until next year at the earliest.

    BTW, paying $50 million to Microsoft doesnt mean that it will remain exclusive, even on low sales numbers. They paid for exclusivity, not given money to develop the games and try to make it up in sales (though some of it was used for development). For all we know, it was a timed exclusive, much in the same fashion as GTA3-San Andreas and the exclusivity contract will most likely expire, at which point they will most likely release them for the PS3

  • I bought GTA IV via steam for around 8 € about 2 weeks ago. If Rockstar doesn’t publish the DLC for PS3 they will for PC (at least I hope they will 😉 ). I tested them on my friend’s XBOX and it was just amazing.

  • matt

    What does EXCLUSIVE mean hint: (: limiting or limited to possession, control, or use by a single individual or group). $50 million is a TON of money. GT5 cost $60 million to develop and is one of the most expensive games to develop ever. No way in hell MS paid for timed exclusivity. If you disagree you might want to get your head checked.

    Even if you were right, It would have been released if it was a timed exclusive. GTA4 is really out of gamers minds. Why not pick up a 360 and then you won’t run into these problems. They aren’t that expensive and there are many games you can’t get on PS3. A lot of games look/run better on the 360 as well. I love having the option to get whatever games I want on whichever system runs them best. Bayonetta is a perfect example of a game that should be played on 360, not the PS3.

    It works both ways. Some games are better on the PS3. I usually go by the controller for the type of game. FPS is usually 360 unless the PS3 version is better. Action games I like the PS3. Wii gets same/split screen multiplayer love.

  • JimmyMagnum

    given the fact Microsoft likes to throw money around like its confetti, $50 million isn’t really that much for them. They constantly play dirty pool to out-do the competition, most likely paying off developers to bad mouth the PS3 the same way lobbyists pay off politicians (Valve being a prime example), and what better way than to make last decade’s biggest multiplatform franchise get exclusive content on their console than to pay them a huge amount of money for exclusivity? Chances are, it is timed exclusive since Microsoft doesn’t own Intellectual Property rights and most contracts with the kind of exclusivity that grants a first party with rights to third party assets usually has an expiration date. For all we know, it could be years down the road when it will expire (in which case, we could have 2 more GTAs by then), making the expansions about useless, but there’s always that possibility that it could also expire soon and allow them to hit the PS3, most likely as a standalone title like the 360 has, but by then, even more people could care less.

  • Darrin

    Paying developers for exclusive content isn’t “dirty”, Sony and Nintendo do the exact same thing.

    Secondly, Gabe Newell probably bashed the PS3 on his own because of his own personal tech brand preferences and not because of anything Microsoft pressured him into.