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Rome and Madrid Shown Off in Newest GT5 Trailer

GTPlanet seems to have gotten hold of a new trailer that was shown over at the Asia Game Show today. The game, at least in the trailer, is looking spectacular. There are a couple things to take from the trailer as well. Not sure what the heli is for, that’s one thing; possibly for overhead replays? The plane? THAT I have no idea…

The WRC tracks seem to be linear as opposed to circuit (finally). Smoke effects look pretty good as well. I’ve yet to get the time trial demo, so I can’t really base opinions on anything (despite the small size, I barely have any room left on my HDD). I might be able to get a hold of a used HDD, format it and get an enclosure to back it up and replace the HDD sometime in the future, though (I really, really need to).

One thing I hope the game does is live up to its expectations. There are a lot of games on the playing field that can rival it now (especially with the Microsoft-exclusive Forza 3). Despite there being over 1000 cars, it’s all about quality over quantity, so I hope Polyphony Digital can make the quality just as good as there are number of vehicles! I guess we’ll have to wait until, at least, March (there are sure to be plenty of imports of the game, with reviews to follow).

Once there is a direct feed available, be sure to look for it on the Community YouTube channel.

Other than that, the 25th of December has passed by for most of us, but for those still on Friday (such as myself), Merry Christmas and I hope you all enjoyed your holiday!

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Uncharted 2 Decks the Halls

Starting tomorrow, December 24th at 10AM PST, Naughty Dog will be decking the halls with a Double Cash holiday weekend! This also includes double cash for medals as well. This event will go on through December 27th at 11AM PST

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ModNation Racers: Track Editor Information

This game is looking more and more appealing, that’s for sure! Unfortunately, I didn’t get an invite to join in on the MNR beta, so I’m not sure exactly what you can do in that, but I think it should, at least, have basic track editing tools available. The track in the video looks very well thought out and is definitely more advanced than what had been seen in previous videos.

There’s actually a few really cool advanced tools you can use, including one called “breadcrumbs”:

Breadcrumbs came about as a way to make shortcuts across the terrain, while allowing for the game logic for racing, weapons and A.I. to keep working. Starting from the main road, create a trail of breadcrumbs leading off the track and then back, and now that becomes a race-able part of the circuit. It’s awesome for making shortcuts or alternate paths across terrain — just remember to get rid of the roadside fences to allow the players off and back on the main road.

Hopefully the track creation will be advanced enough to allow you to use these breadcrumbs in long stretches of track, allowing you to essentially create two different tracks on the same race. That would open a lot of creation possibilities!

There are also other tools, such as a tool that allows you to change road surface texture, another that allows you to lay obstacles and customize their location (which gives you more freedom than the autopopulate feature), and an advanced track editor that allows you to adjust the different dimensions of a particular part of the track. That tool will allow you to narrow the race surface while widening the outside areas of the track, as well as adjusting the overall curve of that piece.

Apparently, reports from the beta are overwhelmingly positive. This is definitely a game to keep your eyes on. Just gotta hope the final product lives up to the expectations and high standards we wound up giving it :lol:. You can get more information on the other tools at the Official Blog.

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A Sackboy PS3 Adventure.

SackBoy's PS3 Adventure 23-12-2009_Page_14
A quirky tale of a PS3 owner’s struggle to play PS3 after a disastrous YLOD, told through a sackboy… click here for the full story.


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