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Uncharted 2 Fortune Hunter Edition

Naughty Dog’s Creative Director Amy Hennig has announced that there will be a special edition of Uncharted 2 called the Fortune Hunter Edition. This edition includes “the game, exact in-game replica of the Phurba Dagger Artifact and stand, Collectible Art Book and Collector case autographed by Naughty Dog, plus a host of downloads”. You will not be able to purchase this edition as it will only be available through specific contests. Details soon. Here’s a shot. Source.

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How’s the PS3 SLIM doing in Japan?

The PS3 SLIM went on sale worldwide September 1st and early reports out of Japan seem encouraging. According to VGCharts the PS3 SLIM shifted 100,000 units this week in Japan.

More pics here

We’ll know exactly how many SLIMs were sold in the land of the rising sun next week when Media Create releases HW and SW numbers for the week of Aug 31st.

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MAG trailer written by PS3 gamers.

Sony held a competition allowing PS3 gamers to write the script for the upcoming epic royale game; MAG. Here is said trailer in the finished article. Congrats to olingb20, Aday111, shenmue360, BioEye, playmartelli, OwNii, Dark_Jester, Bandicoot1980, MoeRonimoe and Klixx for their contributions.

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Sony to fix Firmware 3.0 Issues

Sony posted a quick news update on there blog, letting us know they are aware of the issues with firmware 3.0 and they will provide an update asap.

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