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PS3 Firmware Checklist for 2010 |

A few months back I posted a topic in the community asking everyone for what they would like to see in future firmware updates. Last month, Henning also posted a similar news post, so this list will be compiled from all of everyone’s suggestions. Here’s hoping this year, we see a good majority of these become reality (a few of them may already be planned).

  • Full-featured console friendly Firefox/Chrome Browser (including Flash 10 and the ability to update)
  • Cross Game Chat (including an automatic connect feature)
  • Change Font Color in XMB
  • Custom XMB Shortcuts
  • More Freedom in XMB Customization
  • More Streaming Programs (Hulu,, Netflix from XMB, etc)
  • XM/Sirius Integration
  • Unlock Saved Games or Tie Them to PSN ID
    • Be able to use memory cards to transfer saves between consoles and be able to automatically log in from said memory card
    • Be able to share data between users on the same console
  • Remote Play through web via PC/Mac
  • RSS Feed Support
  • Ability to log Audio/Video Chats for Podcasts
  • Optional full install to HDD for all games
  • Profile Expansion
  • More audio/video Codecs such as MKV
  • Backwards Compatibility
  • True Multi-PSN Sign In/Ability to unlock trophies over multiple PSN IDs
  • Automatically sync trophies on startup/quit game // make it an option
    • Get rid of syncing and instantly unlock trophies and have them posted live
  • Stream Music from Outside Source (media PC/external HDD, etc) for Custom Soundtracks
  • Force music streaming capabilities on all games
  • Ability to Create Custom Avatars (including using your Home avatar as the account avatar)
  • Be able to check up on an unlocked trophy simply by pressing the guide button as opposed to searching for it
  • More communication between PSP and PS3
    • Easier to watch PS3 Eye camera remotely from PSP
  • SKYPE/SIP integration
  • Removal on unwanted confirmations/make it an option
  • Better party system
  • Improve quality and stream of voice chat
  • Ability to automatically run a music playlist at startup
  • Fix autoplay and allow games to start automatically when system starts up (some people say it broke after an older update)
  • Get video store available in all locations (though, this isn’t really a firmware issue)
  • Be able to use Home avatars in other games
  • Faster startup for Home
  • Automatic Home downloads in background (optional)
  • UI consistency between PS3 applications
  • Better Facebook/Twitter support // Ability to use more features
  • Optional Launch into Home on Startup
  • Ability to change PSN ID
  • Ability to hide XMB shortcuts
  • More visualizers for audio files
  • Better audio grouping and management
  • Automatically install files as they download
  • Faster Game to XMB Loading (when pressing the PS Button)
  • Decrease OS resources
  • Fix PSN servers/Faster downloads
  • Charge controllers when console is in Standby mode
  • Better router/gateway support for remote play
  • More Status updates (such as appearing offline)
  • Be able to Backup PlayStation to Network drive as opposed to an external
  • Support NTFS for backups

I could go without a few of them myself, since they won’t really affect me any, but I’m sure most people would agree with something on there. If you have any more, feel free to shout it out in the comments section. I’ll add them to the list when I can.

  • I don’t think we can rely on MKV anytime soon as Sony would prefer to keep selling Blu-Rays.

  • Pungyeon

    I really think that in-game music and a better party system is what is actually important.

    Home avatars in other games sounds cool too though, but unecessary

  • Sufyan

    Great list. They really need to put that in-game music in

  • Royalty32

    I agree if the xbox360 can do in-game music, im pretty damn sure ps3 can as well. C’mon sony what are u waiting for. Also they need to do BC. I dont have a ps2 and i really wanna play KH2 again.

  • Anthony

    NOW THIS IS AN UPDATE! But of course, I’ll wait to see if all is well. I don’t want to brick my PS3 even though they’ll replace my PS3 for free(I asked Sony and I’ll have evidence that they say they will).

    They had me on streaming Hulu, but jumped at the ‘forced music.’ I know it’s premature to by hyped about this update, but it looks pretty cool.

  • they wont go for in-game music b/c their dumbass excuse is they already did that in early 2009. but every developer needs to enable that.

    i think itd be really nice if like the xbox how their avatars show up on the full screen and shows what they are doing. they move the xmb in to HOMe. and the XMB menu be replaced into your HOME apartments. and you launch into games from there all the time.

  • Jeffery

    I agree with everything on the list. The only thing I would add is the ability to change our online ID, for a small fee of course. Getting tired of my current online ID.

  • JimmyMagnum

    thats not really a firmware issue, but Ill add it 😛 and @George: that would kill the the system startup time. PS3 starts really quick as it is, and Home loads up excruciatingly slow lol. I’d, at least, make it an option, though.

  • I really think XMB Customization is ideal especially for a console that stands for being visually pleasing, also on PSP, there are a lot of icons I don’t use or would rather not have there, so a “hide” option would be awesome. Also for both PSP & PS3, Better Visualizers, why does the PSP have more variety? they should have a colour option, a visualizer menu on PS3, and ability to read aac & mp3 files, similar to the way Itunes would.

  • Kris

    your right Ps3 can handle in-game music but, they wont use it to it’s full capabilities because microsoft used a patent for in-game music functionability, so now sony has to rely on developers to add it so they wont be sued. It’s the only way they could have done this.

  • Jose

    Everything seems pretty exciting but the feature that most interests me is ability to change PSN ID. I really want to change my name. I don’t care if it means paying a couple dollars. This feature in game music and party chat would be amazing. Even if this stuff doesn’t happen I still love u Sony. Lol

  • Meh

    You can already force games to startup when you turn the playstation on…

  • name

    you forgot the most important ones.

    1 automatically install files during download, like the 360 does.
    spending 3 hours downloading the GOW 3 demo is long enough i should not have to waste another 30 minutes installing it.

    2 faster game to XMB transfer.
    every time im in a game and switch to the XMB, 99.99% of the time the game freezes for 20 seconds till the XMB loads.
    and upon exiting the XMB the game freezes for 20 seconds to load the game.

    3 decrease the resources the OS uses, the 360s OS has a million and one more features and uses less resources.
    just goes to show you never ask a hardware company to do software, and you never ask a software company to do hardware.

    4 hardly a FW issue but FIX THE GOD DAM SLOW PSN SERVERS!
    im sick of having to wait 3 hours to download a bloody demo.
    i can download full movies off my PC in less than a hour so why does it take 3 hours for my PS3 to download a demo, a quarter of the size?

  • plant

    “”More communication between PSP and PS3
    Watch PS3 Eye camera remotely from PSP””

    Ummmm…….You CAN remotely view PsEYE with PSP. Activate remote play, and start a video chat with yourself. voila! PsSECURITYCAM 😉

  • iMaim

    Holy shit. MKV files?
    Can’t freaking wait.

  • Wolf26pack

    That is a mighty fine list there the 2 things I don’t see on their that I would like to see added are…

    1. The abililty to Charge our Dualshock 3’s & Sixaxis Controllers while in Standby

    2. Remote Play via the Internet to be more compatible with more Routers/Gateway’s (i.e. 2wire Gateway’s)

    As right now I cannot use Remote Play via the internet with the 2wire Gateway AT&T provided me with for my U-verse Service. My PS3 will constantly turn on & off and I can’t seem to find anyone at AT&T or Sony who will fix this issue. 🙁

  • Hollow

    -As for the MKV video format, sony could indeed do it because from now on (with a update or not) every BluRay maker (don’t know about Sony) are enabling their players to play MKV, so why not?
    -PSN ID change would be excellent, so many users are asking for this for so long……
    -Installing games to HDD can be very “memory space consuming” specially 1st party games and some 3rd party. For example games like Resistance, MGS, Oblivion are huge in memory space.
    -More custom ability on the XMB (change font color) it’s a very good point, never thought of it.
    -Installing while downloading, if Sony could do it while making the servers faster, that is a feat.

    Well resuming, as for me, i wouldn’t care to wait 4 months without any updates and have everything on the list above (Without any issues on the console, of course).

  • Greg

    .SRT files supported to display subtitles for movies.. Add this too

  • Col

    How bout backup PS3 to a network share instead of just a USB drive?

  • David Macphail

    I’d definetly like to see PSN ID’s expanded upon a bit. In the “What’s New” section of the XMB it shows you the 3 games you played most recently, they should incorporate that sort of data to your PSN ID so your friends can see what you’ve been doing recently. Maybe they could also scan your save files to show which game you have spent the most hours on or show any major things you have recently done in a game (Like if you just published a level to LBP or just completed the story mode of a game.), adding in simple statistics like that would make it really easy to see what your friends have been up to.

  • Jam

    Great list! I do think more online status options should be added as well (e.g. appear offline)

  • JimmyMagnum

    plant: Ummmm…….You CAN remotely view PsEYE with PSP. Activate remote play, and start a video chat with yourself. voila! PsSECURITYCAM

    I think what whoever requested it meant was make it easier to do. I’d actually like to be able to remotely access it on a PC as well.

    Anyway, thanks to all of you who started filling up my inbox haha

  • T

    You can charge your periphs while in standby…. If the system is set up to be turned on remotely, it will allow the system to have enough power to charge your periphs.

  • Jam

    Great list! I do think an improved online status system should be added as well (e.g. appear offline)

  • Joel

    That’s such a big list, I wish we had the ability to vote specific items. For me, Firefox/Chrome and MKV are the two things that keep me checking to see if a newer firmware has been announced.

    The only other thing I want from my PS3 is an Apple-style app store. That would completely unlock the power of the PS3.

  • Joe Moma

    Awesome list
    Download the full game to the hard drive is an excellent idea especially because the blu-ray drive on the PS3 is slower than the Xbox360 drive. -having the option would be great
    Hard drives are inexpensive now.
    You can get a 500Gb hard drive for around $65

  • Matt

    There is a lot on that list that most people wouldn’t use at all. The main ones I would use(party chat, in-game music, quicker XMB) could all be included in a new, in-game menu. This could be a lot more friendly than the XMB, and I think would really make a smoother gaming expirience. The few other valuable things on that list, for me, would be: Charge controllers when console is in Standby mode, More visualizers for audio files, More communication between PSP and PS3, Full-featured console friendly Firefox/Chrome Browser (including Flash 10 and the ability to update), Backwards Compatibility, Profile Expansion and being able to appear offline. 🙂 I think they would be amazing. I think a console bundle with a headset would be so beneficial too.

  • •True Multi-PSN Sign In/Ability to unlock trophies over multiple PSN IDs

    That’s a much needed update. I’d like the option to change ones PSN ID too and custom avatars would be a great addition.

  • komi77

    one important feature…
    * Hebrew font support

  • Steve2k7

    I think an in-game mini menu would be fantastic and would probably load a lot faster than in-game XMB. I don’t really see the point of in-game XMB as a lot of the icons on the XMB we can’t even access, apart from our message inbox.

    I agree, the PS3 really needs to develop some kind of custom soundtrack system for all games. Perhaps Sony could develop some kind of software application to enable it, to get around the Microsoft patent. Or perhaps enable music streaming from a PC/PSP/external HDD in all games.

    Here are a few more ideas for future firmware updates…

    1. Ability to rewind and fast forward music tracks x3, x10, x50, x100 speeds like on the PSP.

    2. Update your online status to ‘Watching a DVD’, or ‘Listening to music’ when doing these things.

    3. Add more space to add a comment above your PSN avatar. The space we have at the moment doesn’t allow that many characters.

    4. In game web browser option.

    5. A calender for the XMB where Sony could perhaps add key events such as game conferences such as E3 and game developers could also add their release dates as well.

    6. Ability to listen to your own music when browsing the Playstation Store and when launching Home.

    7. Ability to log in multiple PSN accounts in multiplayer games.

    8. An abuse report system where you can report any online abuse or bullying direct to Sony.

    9. A reputation system where other gamers can rate your performance and report any misconduct, a little bit like the abuse report system, but this is more focused on gaming.

  • I would like to see winamp for ps3 Firefox for ps3
    new flash player codexs like xivd avi

    Change Font Color in XMB and to be able to play music when your on the store or using the bower

  • rethanon

    You should be able to press the PS3 button to view a message you have just received while the notification is on screen. This is especially useful if you are in a game & receive a party request

  • jay

    No one wants to have region free bluray and DVD support ?

  • jay

    I was meant to say “multi region” bluray and DVD support ?

  • jay: No one wants to have multi region bluray and DVD support ?  

    I would like that as well.

  • Gregoid

    I barely use my ps3 for games, I use it for movies, music, Internet & tv. I’d like to see
    – a decent slideshow that can shuffle thru all photos instead of just one
    – quicker access to files on a USB drive (takes 10mins sometimes)
    – fine tuning when navigating the main menu, if I leave playtv & go into music, it says “you must quit playtv first” go back to playTv, quit, go back again. This is clunky.
    – slideshow should have a music option, you can get it to play music and slideshows but take a look at appletv, so much nicer to use!

    I used to have a Sony p800 smartphone 5 years before the iPhone, Sony had all the ideas but it took apple to make it a fun to use & not just for tech heads. I’m interested to see Sony get their act together before apple bring out an apple tv with a pvr!

  • JoeySchmidt

    I’d love to see in game web browsing, but we’d need a browser that worked before that could happen!

    Firefox as an XMB app would be sweet as long as it could be updated outwith firmware for future browsing needs. Right now PS3 browser can’t view youtube, this is undeniably a bad thing.

  • John

    Is it possible to add a fast loading of MP3 files on an external drive? I have over 5K MP3 files and this worked great, until the last upgrade, and now it takes like 20 minutes to “load” the mp3 files and be able to start scrolling / scanning them. Pretty much makes the PS3 useless as a music server when before it was absolutely AWESOME. If it’s because of the artwork, then who cares, I know by the names of the songs and folders they’re in what I want to listen to.

    Thank you!