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Please welcome the newest member of our team |

I invited Trev to officially become part of the team and he accepted. Henning started a fun tradition of getting an caricature done for the co-writers and I want to continue it.

Here is his bio. It’s also listed on the about page.

I’m Trevor, I work in television news and am contributing to in my own spare time. I’m currently located in London, UK but I’ve also lived in the USA and NZ. I spend my time blogging, shooting films and taking photos. I’m all about video games, music, film, and some sports. Ok so I’m interested in other things like bats, robots and pizza but those are my main interests.

I’ve been an avid gamer since the early nineties starting out with the Sega Mega Drive but then switching to Sony’s Playstation and its successors. My personal preference of game types are FPS, Action/Adventure, Sports, Driving, RPG and Beat ‘em Ups. I hate Guitar Hero and most rhythm games apart from PaRappa the Rapper. That dog was awesome.

Welcome aboard Trev!

  • Welcome Trev!

    How can you not like rhythm games? Rock Band is the best.

  • JimmyMagnum

    well, isn’t he cute 😛 lol, congrats dude!

  • JimmyMagnum

    and just for reference, I wasn’t being serious haha

  • Congrads!

  • Darrin

    Welcome Trev!

  • Eddie

    Welcome Trev….I don’t like rhythm games either!

  • hey, thanks for the welcome guys and sorry jimmy, i don’t swing that way.

    Sorry Flea but I just can’t stand playing a game where all you do is press buttons in time to music, parappa was at least a bit original in that you progresed through a story than just playing songs you know over and over.

    Anyway, sorry I’ve been quiet, been working on a couple of big reviews and been busy with the usual holiday celebrations, looking forward to a big and busy 2010 for PS3 and PSP

  • Kicks

    Congrats Trev!

  • yodaddy