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Best of 2009: Editor’s Choice |

We are about to run a public user vote, but first, here are our editor’s picks for 2009:

Category Editor’s Choice Comments
Best Narrative/Fiction Uncharted 2
Biggest WOW Factor Uncharted 2
Most Innovative Design Demon’s Souls This game had tons of new original game mechanics, and most of them worked pretty well. This will surely inspire some more quality titles along these lines.
Best Internet Multiplayer Uncharted 2 Multiplayer to Uncharted 2 was very polished and fun. Second place was Killzone 2
Most Overhyped Resident Evil 5
Most Overrated Modern Warfare 2 Still a great game, but overrated.
Best Sleeper Hit Demon’s Souls Wow, the previews looked bland, but this turned out to be the best RPG thus far of this generation.
Most Underrated Wipeout Fury This is only an expansion, but really, every single new game mode in this expansion is better than every mode from the original. The new ships, tracks, effects were all fantastic.
Biggest News or Trend of the Year Motion Gaming Right now, it’s mostly talk and tech demos and a few mini-games on the Wii, but motion control was the biggest growing trend of the year.
Best Downloadable Game Tie: Wipeout Fury + Flower Very different style of games. We were split down the middle between these two.
Best Platformer Ratchet & Clank: Crack in Time Not much competition, but Crack in Time was an excellent game
Best Action/Adventure Uncharted 2
Best First Person Shooter Killzone 2
Best Third Person Shooter Uncharted 2
Best Open World Action inFamous There was some great competition with Prototype and Red Faction (and recently, Saboteur). Those were great game with arguably better graphics and better “engines”, but after playing the games Infamous really had the best compaign missions, side missions, and was just the most fun to play through.
Best RPG Demon’s Souls
Best Puzzle Critter Crunch
Best Racing Need for Speed: SHIFT Second place: Wipeout Fury
Best Fighting Tekken 6 Second place: Street Fighter IV
Best Survival Horror Resident Evil 5 Wasn’t much else this year.
GOTY 2008 with one year hindsight Valkyria Chronicles + Metal Gear Solid 4 Third place: LittleBigPlanet
GOTY 2009 Uncharted 2 Predictable choice, but it really is that good. Great tech, narrative, campaign, and multiplayer.
  • Eddie

    and making these choices did not come easy to me. I wanted to be fair and appreciative of the copious amount of great games on the PS3 but I found myself saying “Uncharted 2!” over and over with a drooly grin.

    With that said…Viva la Uncharted 2!

  • Darrin

    I also thought Killzone 2 and Infamous deserved more recognition even though Uncharted 2 is the better game.

  • me

    like that VC is on the list as goty of 2008 🙂

  • JimmyMagnum

    so what, no simulation of the year? 😛

  • i don’t think inFamous deserved best open world, it lucked out with Assassin’s Creed II being released so late that it could not influence the vote. Overall its a good win for Uncharted dominating and Valkyria was a surprise 08 winner.

  • JimmyMagnum

    I enjoyed both AC2 and IF, but AC2 could have gone for some more side quests and stuff

  • Darrin

    I’m surprised at how much people like AC2. AC1 was technically good, but the story and gameplay were just horrible. Prince of Persia, from the same studio, blew me away with the graphics and controls, but the game fell flat after spending some time with it.

    Is AC2 better than those?