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GT5 Information from PlayStation: the Official Magazine |

So the February 2010 issue of PlayStation: the Official Magazine has hit news stands and one of GTPlanet’s members posted scans which include information revealed in it in their forums. Some of the highlights from the article? Check these out (some we already know of):

From N4G:

  • Deformation for every car in the game although race cars will see even more damage
  • First screens of GT5’s night racing
  • 1,000+ vehicles, all with modeled interiors
  • Up to 16 players online
  • Indy cars and tracks will be included
  • Head tracking is reconfirmed and it’s for use during racing
  • Multi display is back (using 3 PS3’s for a wider view)
  • HD uploads to YouTube
  • Weather
  • Night racing for all tracks
  • All cars will have cockpit view (the 170 premium are the ones on which the interior will also damage – the rest only external damage)
  • Night & Day cycle and weather effects on all tracks
  • Damage (visual and mechanical)

The only thing that’s missing is a livery editor, which Forza 3 still definitely has an advantage over (in my opinion, they have the best Livery system in any game outside of some PC games which allow you to create vinyls in Photoshop, etc and upload them in-game). Hopefully this will get the series back onto the glory road :D!

  • Obvious get for me. The thing I haven’t seen mentioned is if there is going to be friends leader-boards. Right now I’m e-mailing my times back and forth between a friend on the demo. It should be included in game. But it is looking great. I almost feel the need for a Wheel.

  • Trieloth

    •Head tracking •Night & Day cycle and weather effects on all tracks •1,000+ vehicles, all with modeled interiors ! Now thats what I like to hear.
    Iam really excited for this game.

  • Darrin

    Sounds awesome. Night/day cycle + weather effects are the new things that sound exciting. Other games have done that, but not with the attention to detail of the Gran Turismo series.

    I still feel like I’m more interested in watching this game than playing it. GT5 trailer was the best of 2009 IMO, but I really never got that into playing serious racing games.

  • I don’t think there will be a “cycle”, but separate night and day versions of tracks. Most lighting on Gran Turismo is baked, PS3 hardware simply would not be able to pull off those graphics at 60fps with dynamic lighting, at that resolution. I hope they prove me wrong, tho.