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Dark Void comes with comedy safety card. |

Upcoming sci-fi action-adventure game from Capcom; Dark Void features jet pack based gameplay and comes with an amusing safety card.
Another card after the jump
I found Bird Strike particularly amusing… Images courtesy of Tom Bramwell’s Twitter which included this gem;

Back of the box boasts of “jet-pack powered dog-fighting”. This made me think of something else, and potentially more awesome.

Dark Void is due out next week 15th Jan.


  1. lol, that’s awesome.

  2. jeepinggamer

    Awesome that rocks lol!!!!!!!

  3. JimmyMagnum
  4. Nice touch..

  5. Michael

    Very cute – pity the demo was so underwhelming.

    The control scheme is just … really bad. And that’s assuming you can put up with the lack of invert x when on the ground – which I can’t. Hit R3 and then use L and R together – when in the air that’s your rolls and 180’s and whatnot.

    Oh and look, it’s Nathan Drake running around again, only this time with a rocket backpack in a bland plain poorly rendered graphical world (i’d just watched all of the behind-the-scenes in U2, so it was really obvious this is no U2). As much as I think Drake’s voice work’s so well, too many of his mannerisms leak into other games.

    Unfortunately, the lack of invert-x simply rules it out of contention from the start, regardless of what merit it might have had otherwise. I don’t understand why Sony don’t mandate specific capabilities here – e.g. a certain orientation as default, and always allow invert of both x and y, and options for left handed players too. They seem to mandate silly things like ‘press x to acknowledge that you’ve been told not to off the machine when it’s writing to the hdd’, for every game, every time it starts up.

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