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CES 2010: Nyko Unveils New/Updated Accessories for Slim |

Announced at CES, Nyko will be releasing a few accessories that will fit the Slim PS3, in which most are updated version of accessories used for the fatty. Up first, as pictured above, is the new and improved Media Hub, which doubles the USB ports, adds in an SD Card reader and, get this, a remote control you can use to navigate Blu-Rays and DVDs (you can’t power the system on with it, though).

What’s really cool, since it uses an RF output, you’re able to program many Universal Remotes to work with the device as well. To keep it in it’s place, it uses both of the USB ports on the front. It will be released this April for the price of $25, which is quite a deal considering the Blu-Ray Bluetooth remote itself is about $20!

Also to be released is an updated version of Nyko’s Intercooler system, which fits flush with the design of the system and also has the same finish for a sleeker, more form fitting design, and features 2 speeds for the cooling fans as well. This will be released in February for $20.

And finally, Nyko also unveiled it’s new vertical stand for the system, which increases its stability when you stand it up. It looks to have a glossy 3D checkerboard finish. The stand will be released in March for $15. One thing I’m not sure about, though, is does the vertical stand have provisions to allow for the Intercooler?


  • mez

    this is really a good idea, i’m glad third party companys are supporting the PS3 Slim, i have a PS3 Slim 250GB and i have already brought a stand for it here it is:
    it looks pretty nice if you ask me, not to shabby i think it is the only PS3 Slim stand selling now in the UK apart from the Kamikaze stand (on amazon uk) but the kamikaze stand is out of stock so meh

  • I love the USB accessory for the PS3 Slim. But I wish it had more memory stick options. The main memory stick I use Compact Flash (for my D-SLR).

  • JimmyMagnum

    yeah, that’d be cool if it had the same memory card slots as the 60GB version like we have, just extend the length a little (doesn’t have to be much, maybe 1.5″ more and put a card reader above the RF receiver and the other two on the extended part). Then again, an extended one like that would block the HDD and Wifi access lights, but if you don’t mind, it shouldn’t be a big deal

  • mez

    @tosh dont they do Card Readers for the Compact Flash i’m not sure anyway..but anyway SD Cards are becoming an industry standard, SD cards are the new USB’s of the market XD