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Sony Qriocity Movie Service

Last week, we heard that Sony would be expanding their online service to devices other than their gaming consoles. More details are trickling out: there is a YouTube demo of a Sony movie-on-demand service named Qriocity running on a Bravia TV set. (source)

  • Apparently, this will be better suited for streaming than the existing PlayStation movie service. It will adjust content quality based on your network connection quality.
  • The demo seems to be running directly on the software embedded inside a Sony Bravia TV. Will this work on PS3/PSP? How about PCs? How about other non-Sony appliances such as Roku-type boxes, blu-ray players, non-Sony smart HDTVs, or smart phones?
  • Will this be a-la-carte (pay for each individual movie or show) service or will there be a buffet style subscription service (like Netflix offers)?

There are already plenty of video on demand services, and more competition can only lead to better choices for the consumers.


  1. I think the service is on the new range blu ray players, hense “BDP S370” on top of the screen

  2. This is cool. I want Sony to do a pay per month deal where im paying 15 bucks a month and I can streat any movie or whatever. I can’t keep them but I can stream them. I would totally pay for that and get ride of my netflix account. Then movies that I want to buy Ill get on Blu-ray.

  3. Thanks for the Qriocity review. I am a Sony fan from way back, somehow they stay one step ahead of everybody else

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