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Metal Gear Solid Movie Canceled |

From IGN: Production of the Metal Gear Solid movie has been canceled for the time being, according to Michael De Luca, siting that certain parties, namely Konami, aren’t really cooperating with the production to get a movie made because they feel a movie would hurt the game’s image. Maybe the Prince of Persia movie would convince Konami otherwise, assuming it turns out good?

  • Jon

    Or maybe a Metal Gear Solid movie would suck ass and the people at Konami know exactly what they are doing.

  • Mike

    It is probably the right idea. That Prince of Persia movie looks stupid, and I think Konami has a bit more integrity with their franchises than Ubisoft.

    The ingredients are there for a Metal Gear movie to be good since nobody would be better suited to write a script for it than David Hayter. But there would still be plenty that could go wrong if poor casting decisions are made.

    They probably looked at the Silent Hill movie as a mixed bag. On one hand, no movie has done a better job of capturing the look and atmosphere of a game it is based on. On the other hand, the writing was downright terrible, which is strange since Roger Avary is a good writer.

    I could imagine a Metal Gear movie capturing the look of the games but not having a story that works for a 90 minute action flick.

  • I agree w/Jon.

  • Jacob

    But, on Wikipedia, It says it’s just postponed! Oh, God. Hollywood you screwed up Resident Evil, don’t screw up The Legendary Metal Gear Solid!

  • Ben

    F*ck sake Mike you don’t know what you’re talking about. Prince of Perisia movie looks incredible, it’s going to be awesome. Also, why would the voice actor in Hayter write a script? He reads it he can’t bloody write it! You’re unbelievable man, thick as sh*t!

  • Joey Lemons

    Ben you absolute f*cking cretin, David Hayter wrote the screenplays for X-Men, X2 and Watchmen; if you’re going to give such a reactionary comment then it might be better for you to have a f*cking clue what you’re on about.

    Metal Gear Movie’s a bad idea, why should these games have to be made into movies anyway? It serves no purpose. You couldn’t fit a fraction of those games into a movie without cutting a load of stuff away and cheapening it, so why move it from the medium that was perfect for it just so a wider audience can witness something that doesn’t represent anywhere near its true quality?

  • Jason

    I was really waiting or this movie! but now that I think of it, canceling it was the best thing they did for the game! Don’t let Hollywood screw up your work Hideo!

  • Marshall

    OK Definitely @BEN your obviously a moron and don’t know david hayter has writen and directed movies in the past and used to be a screen writer hes not just a child star/voice actor and he partnered with kojima would rule a mgs script that only david hayter could play!

    Ben: F*ck sake Mike you don’t know what you’re talking about. Prince of Perisia movie looks incredible, it’s going to be awesome. Also, why would the voice actor in Hayter write a script? He reads it he can’t bloody write it! You’re unbelievable man, thick as sh*t!  

  • Reynaldo Borras

    All they have to do is get a kick ass director(RIDLEY SCOTT, JAMES CAMERON) and have HIDEO sit right beside him.

    HIDEO will never let anyone ruin the name of METAL GEAR.

  • Kevin

    I think a Metal Gear Movie would be great and a lot of fun, especially for those who may not be too familiar with the franchise. It could be done right, if they don’t rush the process, and make it true to the series. I think it would be awesome, if the story stays true, and the casting was good. They’ve done a lot worse things that were pretty successful.

  • SkeeterPE

    Man! Cancelled?? WTF? Hayter, Kojima, Sony Pictures, A host of great options for actors…… What are they waiting for? Snake to die of old age? It isn’t that freaking difficult to wite a good script especially if the creator and main character are right there and just getting older waiting for the bullschidt to blow over on the mess-boards.

    A host of crap faux youtube video’s floating around out there. That’s what’s scaring me!

    Please Gawds! If there is a way!!!

  • booger

    who could they get to play a good Snake? if Harrison Ford wasnt so old he would be a decent option if you pickout of the A actors really he is the only one that could be considered for snake out of famous actors.
    David Hayter would be a terrible choice to play snake in a movie he looks nothing like him. i also heard that whoever was making the movie didnt want him to be any part of the movie process. im glad that a MG movie is nolonger being made it would stain the series image like someone mentioned.
    the old farts in hollywood just dont understand that THERE ARE some things that shouldnt be turned into a movie i.e. dragonball, resident evil/BIOHAZARD, and just video games in general
    (although Silent Hill is one of my favorite movies)
    @Ben- Edward Norton acts, writes, and directs and hes awesome at all 3, so why cant David do the same? (John Favereau does the same thing)

  • shannon

    if we are all such metal gear fans, why can we not see that hideo is the only choice for a director. he wrote and directed all the games we are crazy about so why would any of you think that he wouldn`t be the best choice to stay true to the story and charactor that we know. he may have to have a translator but i think if you make the actors play through th=e games or watch someone play through the games i think that would give the actor the insite int the charactors as well as hideo giving more backgroundon each charactor.

  • Dude

    I think this news is disappointing. Raymond Benson doesn’t seem to be doing any more novelizations of the games, and it takes too long and it’s too frustrating for me personally to play the games, but I really love the story. That’s why I want this turned into a movie. I think they did Resident Evil extremely well, but with MGS they need to keep it as faithful as humanly possible. I think Raymond Benson would be a good choice to write the script since he did such a great job with the novelization. And I’ve seen a picture of the guy who plays the voice of Snake in the first game and I see no reason why he couldn’t do the live action Snake.

  • Anonymous

    I think this is for the best. I can’t imagine how they would capture the spirit of MGS in a movie. Imagine having 30 minute codec calls in a film. It would turn out a disaster and ruin MGS. Good call here.

    Though I can’t say that I am not still a little disappointed.

  • Furtive Fox

    I feel they should leave the “Solid Series” alone. MGS is already like a movie, but Metal Gear is not. Metal Gear and Metal Gear 2 Solid Snake are stuck in 8-bit hell. I am currently writing a Metal Gear movie script my self. Why? Because no one else is. It goes from MSF’s destruction by Cipher and follows Snake from his induction into FoxHound, to training, to the rise of Outer Heaven, and then pretty much follows the MSX game to a T from there. I just took what Hideo wrote and added movie “spice” to it. For example instead of walking into the room adjacent to the prison cell where Gray Fox is located and “I’m the Shot Maker… Die Snake!” it’s Snake walks into the dimly lit warehouse. He makes his way through the maze of boxes. Suddenly a box near his head explodes into wooden shrapnel as a shot gun shot echoes off the walls. Snake takes cover immediately as a low raspy laugh creeps through the dark. The lights clack on. Something like that. And unlike Hollywood, this is open to the fans to say stuff like Snake wouldn’t do that or he should do this or you got this part wrong. In which case me and my team fix it immediately. For the record Hideo doesn’t want to make a Metal Gear Movie, he doesn’t even want to make any more games. Sons of Liberty was to be his last, then he got death threats, then he made Snake Eater to answer un addressed questions and it was to be his last. Then more threats, then Guns of Patriots (Snakes advanced aging was his way of trying to tell us this is getting old), then his team just wasn’t cutting it so here we are awaiting Rising by a very tired Hideo Kojima. I think it’s a bit sad really. I tweeted Hideo about my project and he seemed happy then started tweeting about motivated foreigners.
    Things to note, No I’m not filming this in my back yard. This is just a fan script project for all MG fans to contribute to. Also I seriously doubt you will ever see this script made into a movie, this is just for fun. Hideo said he will not remake the original Metal Gears and that a foreign studio could if they so choose. I have a group on deviant art for this, but I haven’t checked on it in a long time due to crappy internet service. I plan to devote a lot of time into that group once we upgrade our internet so if you are interested in contributing to this fan project, you can do it there.