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PlayStation Network Scheduled Maintenance. |


The Playstation Network might be down tonight or you may at least experience sign-in problems, MusterBuster from the Playstion Forums Europe warned;

PlayStation Network Scheduled Maintenance
Please be aware that the PlayStation Network will undergo scheduled maintenance today from 16:00 GMT.
During the maintenance, you will still be able to sign-in to the PlayStation Network provided that you have signed in recently. However, you may experience an unexpected sign out towards 21:00 tonight when we restart our systems. Also: Account Registration, Account Management and the PlayStation Store will be unavailable for the entirety of the maintenance.
Maintenance will take place between:
16:00 – 01:00 Tuesday 12th Jan – Wednesday 13th Jan

Sounds like you might still be able to play games online but the service won’t be stable. Shouldn’t be too much problem for the late night gamers in the states though.

  • Thanks for the update.

    Had to download the image you where linking to and upload it to That site has hotlinking images enabled.

  • Weird. I could see it just fine. oh well, thanks for fixing it.

  • I forgot about this maintenance last night and played Uncharted 2 online. Things were a bit off at times then I remembered why. Maintenance tonight!

  • smueller

    My system has been down since last Wednesday 4-20 and the piece of S&%$ is still under maintenance. What the F#$% play station!!!

  • Again? Really?

    People should really start to read the date of the posts they comment on…

  • shaho

    when it will be fixed. it has been for a week from 23 of April and still now.

  • southernboi228

    I’m sick and tired of being sick and tired, this bs, this isn’t right.

  • oliverb

    I’m having some trouble signing into the network still because of maintenance. Is there anything I can do to get it going again?