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Will PS3 Stay on Top in 2010? |

In 2008, PS3 really shined with the best exclusives of the year: LittleBigPlanet, Metal Gear Solid 4, Motorstorm Pacific Rift, Wipeout, etc.

In 2009, PS3 was on top by a wide margin. There really wasn’t even any competition. It had the mainstream game of the year with Uncharted 2, arguably the best RPG of the generation with Demon’s Souls, the best open world game with Infamous, and Killzone 2, Ratchet & Clank, and of course that’s just the exclusives. And it got an extremely competitive price drop, Netflix support, and day and date releases on all big multiplatform titles.

In 2010, will the PS3 stay on top with the best exclusives and best hardware? The Wii and the PC will keep delivering a few great titles, while the 360, after being largely absent in 2009, looks like it is back in the game with Mass Effect 2, Alan Wake, Crackdown 2, Halo Reach, Splinter Cell, and Natal.

Subjectively, I’d say absolutely yes. Just looking at the already announced and previewed exclusives:

Pre-Ordained AAA Blockbusters

Each one of these has very promising preview coverage, a reputable dev team, and none of these is just a regular annual or biannual release in a franchise. Each one of these is a pretty epic release and either aims to define a new gameplay experience in a new genre or dramatically raise the bar for an existing one.

  1. Heavy Rain
  2. God of War 3
  3. Gran Turismo 5
  4. The Last Guardian

Second Tier

  1. Yakuza 3
  2. White Knight Chronicles
  3. 3D Dot Heroes
  4. DC Universe Online (also PC)

Third Tier

  1. The Agency (also PC)
  2. MAG
  3. ModNation Racers


  1. Resistance 3: Semi-leaked. Not official, but this is a fairly safe bet for 2010.

Hardware Developments

  1. Motion Controller
  2. Stereo 3D Support

Many more exclusives will be revealed for 2010 over the year, plus there are some amazing multiplatform titles as well. But so far, this looks like an amazing year overall, and yes, the PS3 definitely looks like it will keeps it title as the best system to own with the best games.

  • Sony has the 1st half of 2010 packed with games for everyone, not just with the in house exclusive titles either. It’ll be interesting to see what’s in store for the rest of the year.

  • Royalty32

    Sony will and forever play catch up. As long as they keep psn free they will be in last place. Xbox Live is the heart and soul of the xbox 360 and over 20 million ppl pay $50 a yr, so u do the math. That is why Xbox gets the exclusives it does (GTA anyone). Also the first couple of months is stacked with 360 exclusives such as ME 2, SC Convivtion, Alan Wake etc. Yes the PS3 exclusives will b badass with GoW 3 as its king but when project natal hit stores shelves this holiday, BYE BYE SONY.

  • Trieloth

    Microsoft is getting to be a distant memory for me. Sony will stomp M$ yet again this year. We dont even know what EatSleepPlay game is that they made, and many other unannouced titles. Final Fantasy14 games is what I really want. What about all the mystery PSN downloadable games and such. How about another system update with a few extra features. I cant predicted the future but I know where I will be spending my time.

  • Royalty32

    @Trieloth what r u talking about, Microsft being a distant memory. Dont make me laugh. If u havent noticed Sony is still playin catch up to Microsoft. So if even if u feel that way believe me Sony doesnt. Two words HALO:REACH. U saw the trailer with new in-engine(meaning in game graphics). Halo will once again break gaming records.

  • Sony may still be ‘playing catch up’ with Microsoft but the gap is getting smaller month by month.

    The PS3 will have 3D gaming making it more attractive to those who’re interested and ready for the technology.

    Motion control is iffy right now for both HD systems. I’m sure some diehard 360 fans are going to love it but I don’t see it standing out as a must have for the system, unless it’s bundled w/Halo. Besides Natal isn’t releasing before the holiday 2010 timeline anyway.

  • Ps3 is big but I think Wii might take m at least for a little while

  • Trieloth

    @Royalty I know I shouldnt feed the trolls but here i go. Royalty I said “distant memory for me”. I have a xbox and had one for a long time. And it rarely gets used. I can go on and on as to why it dont satisfy my gaming needs but thats boring. It looks like you picked the xbox and thats cool. So please go to any xbox blog and ride there pony. Makes sense right? Thanks and have a nice day.

    Sorry for being off topic Tosh/Darrin

  • JimmyMagnum

    I havent turned my 360 on since I canceled Live back in November lol

  • Blackstaffer

    Who cares about Natal? Really? Like I wanna wave my hands around and stack blocks? No thanks. I don’t think I’ll care much for Sony’s controller, for what it’s worth. And calling us “bitches” doesn’t make Natal any better.

    Darrin, I have to disagree with you that ModNation Racers is third tier. It’s at least in the second tier.

  • Project Natal? Pfft. The two words which spring to mind are “innacurate” and “approximate”. Glitzy-but-fake E3 video aside, in reality, I doubt it’ll even be as good as the original Wii-mote.

    As for Halo Reach, “in-engine” DOES NOT mean “in-game graphics”. Uncharted 1 had “in-engine” cut-scenes, but the models used in those scenes had higher poly counts than the actual in-game characters.

  • Eddie

    Natal will be the absolute worse of the motion controls. It will be neat for the PC….using it as a remote control…but gaming…meh.

    Lets not forget:
    The Agent

    FFXIII Versus
    LA Noire

    I look forward to Halo Reach, Conviction and Alan Wake myself…but 2nd place to the Sony games this year.

  • Darrin

    Agent: No way will it be out in 2010, but my expectations are sky high.

    LA Noire: I expect this to be multiplatform.

    Catch-Up: PS3 is playing catch up to 360 in terms of sales numbers, particularly in the US, but going by quality and selection of games, PS3 passed the 360 back in 2008, and widened the gap considerably in 2009. Halo Reach will probably be a hit (they haven’t released much gameplay footage so we don’t know much about it). But it’s just one FPS game.

    Natal + PS Motion: I haven’t seen motion control used for much beyond Wii style mini games, so I’m skeptical. But it’s very possible that one or more dev teams have come up with some killer ideas that they are working on. I still don’t see how us consumers can compare Natal to PS Motion at this point when we haven’t seen anything near final hardware or software.

  • matt

    Currently I am looking forward to more 360 titles this year. Crackdown 2 is my most awaited title and Alan Wake is a close second.

    I am waiting for Heavy Rain reviews as I still don’t get what the game is about. It seems more like a movie that will be slow paced, but intriguing at the same time. Overall it looks great though.

    On another note:

    I hate all the smack talk between systems. No one is ever right. I prefer my 360 because I LOVE the controller, and Live. Almost all multi-plats play/perform much better on the 360 which makes the 360 the go to for them if you own both systems. If you don’t own a 360 it is a non-issue.

    I do realize that this is a PS3 site and that is why I come here. I like reading what die-hards are excited about as there are a ton of games that I have heard of that I need more info on. It just goes too far. There is a ton of PS3 fist pumping and frankly it is very childish. Trolls don’t help, but they aren’t needed to get the “PS3 is the greatest gaming system EVER” talk going.

    I have followed this site LONG before the system was released. I will continue to do so. I am just ranting about some of the stories and some of the posts I guess. We all want to enjoy our PS3’s and all the great games. I could really do with out all of the 360 bashing as the majority on here do not own one, and the ones who do probably pick the PS3 for reasons similar to the reasons why I pick the 360 as my primary system.

    Who gives a flying $hit if Microsoft or Sony win? as long as both of them are in the game we all win with more games and different angles to the future of gaming. As gamers we need them ALL to win, competition is the best thing for us. Exclusives suck but they do drive people to own multiple systems. I don’t consider Nintendo a direct competitor to MS or Sony, but without Nintendo we wouldn’t have motion control this early. Everyone is racing for the next best thing and I am there with an open mind to give them a try. All I know is I don’t ever question what a game is like. If it appeals to me I can buy it since I have all 3 systems. I suggest doing the same as this dumb ass bickering usually means your jealous of the others for having something you don’t. Please, grow up, your adults.

  • I am Legend

    Hey matt, nice comment. I dont have either console so im gonna this. Who gives a rats ass bout which console is better, there both great systems in there own way. Now in a couple of months ill be making my choice not off of smack talk but mostly of GAMES. So ppl who cares enjoy the system u have and if u got both then u got the best of both worlds so why complain.

  • Now only if the games will catch up with the xbox on framerates and resolution then I will be happy..

  • JimmyMagnum

    GT5 will be 1080P at 60fps, does that help? 😛

  • Yeah I definately think PS3 will remain the best console out there in 2010!

  • I am Legend

    I do think that the ps3 will be best console of 2010 but and it a big BUT if project natal is everything that M$ says it is then sony MIGHT be in trouble. I think that it will come down to exlusives like it did in 09. Who ever has the best exclusives will win in 2010.

  • jerry

    I have all 3 systems and there is no way you could say that 360 is better then PS3. The only thing 360 has is a better online system. (which everyone pays for) If Sony made you pay for online gaming you better believe their online would be just as good if not better then xboxlive. Now before I continue I would like to say that Both systems better do well this year. Sony and Microsoft alike should have great years and we should hope the industry gets back to a normal place in this market. PS3 owners need Microsoft to keep pushing Sony to create more tech and software, same way M$ needs Sony to do the same.
    Okay back to online…If Sony were to charge a yearly fee I would love it if they could make it like Netflix instant watch. Meaning I pay 12 a month and I get to rent as many movies as I can in a Month. Now that is something I would pay for along with buying games anyway. I mean why wouldn’t they do this. All they are doing is placing a movie on a server and letting it sit there until someone buys it or rents it for 5 bucks(way to much). Why not get people to pay per month and watch a few movies on the system and feel like they are getting their moneys worth.

  • I really don’t see any games coming out in first quarter for 360 that aren’t already out on PS3

  • .. that I would really want.

  • EdEN

    Looking at the list of games at the start of this, here is the ones I’ll be buying:

    1. Heavy Rain
    2. God of War 3
    3. The Last Guardian
    4. 3D Dot Heroes

    All in all not that many games really. Still, why no love for Dante’s Inferno?