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Pre-Order God of War III at 7-Eleven |

For all of those who still haven’t pre-ordered God of War III, today is your lucky day. Sony has partnered up with 7-Eleven to give you a chance to pre-order the game and get yourself this nice God of War III Poster.



This is only available to residents of the USA, to find your local 7-Eleven go here

Who said the only thing you can get over there at 7-Eleven is a brainfreeze.

  • That’s a pretty cool pre-order bonus. Wonder how big the poster is.

  • Luke

    It would have been nice if they gave that info since I see other people asking about it.

  • I am Legend

    GoW3 is gonna be HUGE!!!! Even an 360 fan like myself cant deny that this will prolly be the biggest game in 2010. Might even win GOTY.

    Just in MW3 to hit Nov. 2010 but its not being developed by IW.

  • I’m playing through God of War 2…awesome game itself!

  • Luke

    I got GoW and GoW 2. I stopped half way through GoW, but have to pick that back up.

  • JimmyMagnum

    this is me lucky day? 😛

    I wish I had the money to preorder 🙁 there are tons of games I need to get

  • Luke

    Totally your lucky day, just think if you pre-order you can get a nice new poster.

  • How odd to preorder something like that in a seven eleven. I wonder if a Mcdonalds will ever do that hmmm.
    @I am legend
    Just in MW3 to hit Nov. 2010 but its not being developed by IW.

    I hope its epic as MWF 2 never knew da date of MWF # good to Know

  • I am Legend

    Yes its true and not a rumor MW3 will hit store shelves Nov 2010. It will not be developed by IW……what a bummer!

  • Luke

    I think Infinity Ward and Treyarch rotate back and forth between the games.

    @yudopplyr I totally agree with you, it just seems that 7-Eleven is in on this, if I walked in and saw McDonalds running a promo I’d be weirded out.

  • I am Legend

    Yea, hey Luke sorry for gettin off topic but i just thought everyone needed to know this breaking news. Sorry 🙂

  • Luke

    No need to be sorry, I wasn’t saying you did anything wrong.

  • aww man America Only. the 7 11 by my place isn’t doing this.
    Pretty rad poster.

  • Strange Sony should partner with 7-11. Even the dumbest know buy at the 7-11 as a last resort due to price gouging. I wouldn’t even consider buying at 7-11