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December 2009: PlayStation 3’s Best Month |


It’s really no surprise, but it seems that December was the PlayStation 3’s best month since its launch. Worldwide, the PlayStation 3 sold 3.8 million during the month, of which, according to NPD (well, from 11/29 to 1/2), PS3 managed 50,000 units more than the 360 in the United States alone (at 1.36 million). It may not sound like much of a difference, but it’s very significant, considering the 360 has generated more sales of the console in the United States for months. According to VGChartz, PS3 had about 3.6 million sold worldwide, while the 360 only managed about 2.76 worldwide (so, in retrospect, worldwide, the PS3 almost outsold it’s real competition by a million units). This may very well be the turning point, a primer for 2010 if you will.

Also, according to, the PlayStation Network also saw it’s best month last December as well. Revenue increased on the PSN by 155% in North America, most sales going to the release of the PSOne Classic, Final Fantasy VIII, followed by the PSN exclusive PixelJunk Shooter. Software sales also increased year-over-year by 60%. Can’t wait to see Darrin’s sales analysis for a better picture :D. With the strong lineup of exclusives 2010 is promising, it’s starting to look like this year will be another big one for Sony’s flagship console.

  • Yey PlayStation!

  • I am Legend

    Congrats To PlayStation. You truly were console of the year for 09. That is why im making the decision to get an ps3 slim instead of an xbox 360. I did a lil research and at the end of the day ps3 jus had more to give than the 360. I mean it has blu-ray, built in wi-fi, 7.1 surround sound, true 1080p, netflix, FREE online, Uncharted 2 and many more games in 2010. Yeah 360 has project natal which i really wanted 2 try out but i just can not pass up the ps3. I really hope ill be making a good choice when i get one in the upcoming weeks. Once again though congrats to playstation 3 and may 2010 bean even better year.

    P.S. Gow 3 also kinda sealed the deal, OMFG that game looks BEAUTIFUL.

  • Good for Sony.

  • Ozzy

    the only reason that xbox do so well sales wise is that 360 owners buy replacement consoles. seriously i work at game and id say 20% of all of xbox buyers r buying them to replace one thats busted

  • I am Legend

    If Project Natal doesnt do as well as M$ thinks then i see them goin down hill fast in hardware sells.

  • Royalty32

    Yay for Sony! Give me a break. Yay for sony blah blah blah. Who cares if Sony won the month of december there still in 3rd place and they will always be there. Xbox 360 will always be better than ps3. ALWAYS. Sony sucks and now there jokin off nintendo with the motion controller. Come up with new ideas the xbox did and then u MIGHT have a chance……who am i kiddin, they will never have a chance. Xbox rules!!

  • I am Legend

    Royalty u again. OMG why wont u jus go away seriously dude.

  • jerry

    LOL Royalty haha that is a funny comment. I love how you love 360 so much that you venture to a PS3 exclusive site, only and make a comment like that. Tell me the truth what number 360 are you on? Everyone I know that has an Xbox has gotten it replaced atleast two times. Most of them say they would rather have a PS3, but can’t justify buying it becuase they wasted so much money on 360 games. Microsofts 360 is the definition of a crappy american company giving a half effort on something and selling it for premium. I’m American and I know for a fact that M$ does this alot. I wish Apple would create a gaming system again you know they would make a great system.
    Royalty32 you are just scared that XBOX will end up going down in flames and you need to comment like that to justify either your paycheck from Microsoft or your decision to buy a 360. It’s too bad. I once was an xbox 360 owner but as soon as I got the original 60GB PS3 I gave mine to my local church. (som days I feel bad for giving them such a crappy system)

  • Royalty32

    Ur right jerry, when micrsoft designed the xbox360 they didnt think long term but what they did do is give us the best nex-gen system hands down. Yeah u can say sony won 2009 but let it go already. This is 2010 and shit is about to change. Yes RRoD is a terrible issue for 360 owners but ive had my 2009 360 elite for quite some time now and i havent had the RRoD. Maybe im jus lucky, i really dont care. In time u will see that ps3 never had a chance. U ppl brag about Unwanted 2 but if u havent realized that those games u ppl play are jokin off of 360 exclusives. Uncharted 2 joked almost everything from Gears of War and u ppl have the nerve to say Killzone 2 is the Halo killer. Dont make me laugh. Halo Reach is gonna destroy evry fps on your george forman grill. We have the best exclusive line-up for this yr and once again xbox will be console of the year.

  • Trieloth

    @ Ahh Royalty Gears of War copied KillSwitch. Everyone copys EVERYONE, its a fact so please stfu.

    Now that sony has/is beating M$ in sales iam surprized the bots still have the nerve to show there face.

  • Don’t feed the trolls guys, or they’ll follow you home and hog the TV remote!

  • Royalty32

    KillSwitch was a crappy game. Trieloth u say Sony is beat MS off of the month of December. Ok yes there hardware sales were better by 50,000 whoop di do. Who cares xbox is still leading ps3 in everything so what now. U guys back up ps3 like its beating the 360. Its not even beating wii. 360 has a way better chance of catching wii than ps3 does. U guys should jus go bac to ps2. Thats the only good system yall have left. ps3, psp, psp go all suck. Come join the dark side. We have the power to save u all from sudden death.

  • jerry

    LOL Royalty I love how you call it the Darkside in a direct reference to Evil. So you are calling Microsoft and you the evil of this world. I am pretty sure that is the only correct thing you have said all day. But either way man I can’t hate on you for likeing your system. So enjoy whatever makes you happy.

  • Royalty32

    I was actually referring to star wars. Meaning that the dark side was the coolest between jedi and sith. So i was sayin come to the dark side because xbox 360 is cooler than ps3.

  • JimmyMagnum

    Hey XXXXXX, I mean, Royalty32! How is it in Indiana? Why do you spend more time on here from your work computer (over at DFAS) and only post once in a while from your home with your Comcast internet service (well, last one was from back in November anyway)? Unless your job provides you with internet service to the home, then that makes sense. But why all the different names you use? I also don’t understand your arguing with yourself, since you’re also I am Legend (and King32, KingJames32, and Royalty2132). As soon as I saw your first I am Legend post, I knew it was the same guy just by the writing style, so I looked into it and did some research. You’re just an attention whoring troll.

  • kingjames32

    LOL! Yeah ya got me. Busted!!! Um….im mostly do it because im tryna buy a console pretty soon and i wanna get some reactions. So i act like im a 360 fanboy to see who is gonna bash on it. Sometimes i act like an ps3 fanboy for some of the same reason. I wanna see who is loyal and who just likes to bash on consoles. Nothin personal promise. All in good humor but plz dont use my govt. name again.

  • JimmyMagnum

    k, I removed your actual name from my post. There’s better ways to figure out which console is best for you without starting console and flame wars and all that. As long as you don’t do it anymore, that’s fine; we try to keep this a friendly community, but your recent posts seem to bring the worst out of people. If you want an honest opinion of a console, your best bet is to listen to what people who actually own both consoles say about them. Of course, on here, most will prefer the PS3 since it’s a PS3 blog; JimmyStewart is one of the guys who seems to take a liking to the 360, bringing valid points on his end as well, but he’s one of a few.

  • Mims_


  • kingjames32

    Yes and the best way to get honest opinions is to see who will defend there console of choice. I know if i ask somebody why should i get a ps3 i dont want them to talk about the 360, i want them to defend the ps3 and vise versa. Ya kno ppl always say why do we bash the other console. And i say because its nature. If somebody only buys one console and its the only console that there stickin with the i want them to tell me why the other doesnt have a chance. Yes it might start arguements but thats what i want. It shows and tells me why i should get this console instead of the other but like i said b4 it wont happen again but i wanna thank all the ppl who stood buy the ps3. That really shows loyalty and i respect that 100%. You guys have help me make my decision, im not gonna tell u yet but in time u will kno. So thanks wants again yall and sorry to all the ppl i pissed off. No hard feelins

  • Oh so he’s not a troll then? Darn it! I sharpened my pickaxes for nothing…

  • kingjames32 but like i said b4 it wont happen again but i wanna thank all the ppl who stood buy the ps3. That really shows loyalty and i respect that 100%. You guys have help me make my decision, im not gonna tell u yet but in time u will kno. So thanks wants again yall and sorry to all the ppl i pissed off. No hard feelins

    From now on, please just use 1 alias. While your at it, log into the site. Might as well get points for your comments 😉