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Gran Turismo 5 Trailer Drifts In & Yamauchi Interview |

A new Toyota car advert Gran Turismo 5 trailer is up showing the Toyota FT-86G Concept in GT5. As always it looks incredible;

Gran Turismo 5 has recently been delayed in Japan and is expected to be released worldwide simultaneously although no date has been announced. “Why has GT5 been delayed so much!” i hear you cry?

Well this might have something to do with it taking a while;

“Before, you could wake up one morning and have a good idea. You could see it implemented in some form by the evening. Now, if you have a good idea, it may be two or three years later before you see the result,”

That might go some way to explaining the amount of work Polyphony Digital is undertaking in making this game. But the most startling thing is that apparently GT5, like Uncharted 2 is only using 80% of the Playstation 3’s power. So that means we can look forward to even more incredible looking Gran Turismo 6 and Uncharted 3s!

A full interview with Yamauchi can be read at VentureBeat.

  • I see U3 being released before GT6. GT6 is more like a launch title for the PS4..if we’re lucky.

  • I don’t understand why GT5 didn’t release in a staggered fashion.

    Juts start me off with a crummy car and a few tracks. As I win money I can buy more cars, more dealerships, more tracks. Or every three months DLC another auto pack.

    This way it would have been out for a while now and people would still be playing it.

    I play the demo every night.
    Anyways, looks great first day buy for me.
    Whenever that day is.

  • Royalty32

    Forza 3 is better than GT 5. xbox rules

  • Royalty32: Forza 3 is better than you.

  • JimmyMagnum

    lol, dont worry about him anymore. if you check my December 2009 sales article, we got a few things straightened out on the last few replies.