MAG Beta 5.0 Statistics and Trophies Revealed



Zipper has revealed the official stats from MAG’s Beta at the game’s main blog.


  • Before the end of the beta on January 10, there were well over a million downloads (860,000 in North America alone) of the MAG beta client worldwide.
  • Of the 619,000+ people who gained at least one point of experience, 52,846 of them qualified for Squad Leader, 10,249 people qualified for Platoon Leader, 3,181 warriors made it all the way to OIC, and a mere 143 diehard soldiers made it to the level 60 experience cap.
  • The breakdown of PMC preference ended up like this: Valor – 38.7%, Raven – 37.2%, SVER – 24.1%
  • Who won the Beta 5.0 Shadow War? Despite their smaller numbers, SVER took the Sabotage war – barely edging out Raven. Meanwhile, Valor took the Domination title; narrowly escaping a loss to Raven’s flock.
  • More than 225 years worth of battles were played out over the week — with an average of 3.2 hours played per person.
  • For the third beta period in a row, of all PSN users who participated in our testing phase, chennault2424 was the most prolific – he earned nearly 110,000 XP; making his grand total for the last three testing periods in excess of 360,000 experience points.
  • Though chennault was the top guy, the remaining Top 5 list of players included My_Digital_Enemy, gomi-bukuro (jp), basquasher (jp), and Behike (jp).
  • The full game will also boast 38 trohies.


    • Angel of Mercy – 25 enemies killed in their in incapacitated state over a career
    • Boom Town – Earn the Mortar Demolition, Total Blackout and AAA Demolition Ribbons
    • Close Call — Earn three Bomb Squad Ribbons
    • Clown Car – Awarded when a player destroys an APC or a Bunker, killing two players
    • Commandon’t – Awarded when a player kills 50 of a certain specialty: Commando
    • Coughing Killer – Killed an enemy while affect by poison gas grenades
    • Dropping Like Flies – Destroy five enemy helicopters
    • Duteous Maximus – Be on the winning faction for 10 Directive matches
    • Efficiency Engineer – Earn three Bunker Buster Ribbons
    • I Drink Your Milkshake – Awarded when a player kills 50 of a certain specialty: Field Support
    • I Got 5 On It – Kill 5 enemies with a single Strategic Strike, excluding Poison Gas Barrage
    • In Your Face – Earn five Combat Melee Ribbons
    • Jack of One Trade – Awarded when a player reaches the bottom tier of a skill tree
    • Junkyard Jockey – Earn three Mr. Badwrench Ribbons
    • Lil Buddy – Earn two Purple Sidekick Ribbons
    • Mia Culpa – Kill 50 enemies in a turret over a career
    • Out of Scope – Awarded when a player kills 50 of a certain specialty: Sniper
    • Screeching Halt – Awarded when a player kills 50 of a certain specialty: Rapid Assault
    • Target Practice – Awarded when a player shoots down 25 paratroopers over a career
    • The Harder They Fall – Awarded when a player kills 50 of a certain specialty: Direct Action


    • A Whole Lotta Hurt – Earn five Combat Machine Gun Ribbons and five Combat Fragger Ribbons
    • Baby Need a Bandage? – Earn 5 Silver Cross Ribbons and 5 Golden Cross Ribbons
    • Chest Candy – Awarded when a player has earned one of every ribbon
    • Devil Dog – Earn 5 Combat Assault Ribbons and 5 Combat Sidearm Ribbons
    • Double Trouble – Earn the Golden Cross Medal and the Grim Reaper Medal
    • Hammer of the Gods – Called in 50 cluster bombs or mortar barrages
    • Headhunter – Earn 5 Silver Bullet Ribbons, the Longshot Ribbon and the Sniper Master Specialist Medal
    • Precious Cargo – Destroy 20 Escort Vehicles over a career
    • Silent But Deadly – Awarded when a player kills 25 enemies with Poison Gas over a career
    • Steamroller – Have a 3-to-1 Kill-to-Death Ratio in any match
    • Take Me to Your Leader – Earn 1 win as a squad leader
    • The Streaker – Earn the Streaker Medal
    • Triple Threat – Earn 5 Silver Cross Ribbons, 5 Master Engineer Ribbons and the Grim Reaper Medal


    • Commandant in Chief – Awarded when a player reaches level 60 with a Raven character
    • Eager Beaver – Awarded when a player has earned one of each medal
    • Prima Noyan – Awarded when a player reaches level 60 with a S.V.E.R. character
    • Sergeant Major – Awarded when a player reaches level 60 with a Valor character


    • Massive Action Gamer – Won All Trophies

    MAG is set to release January 26th.

    Written by: Sakinah - Contributing Editor

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      chennault2424 ? Humm I wonder if he was one of those guys that sits in the turret the whole damn match. Oh well what ever, i cant wait for this game to show up.

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