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The Weekly Recap (January 10-16) |

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It’s been a relatively bad week for me, hence why I never did get to the New Game Release post, and the PlayStation Store global update. Been all over the Phoenix area because of my sister’s car breaking down (finally got that fixed, alternator was bad). Having sleep problems and not getting to sleep until around 4, and then being woken up around 6AM to help my sister by driving 40 miles to north Phoenix doesn’t do too good on my body haha.

Anyway, it’s been quite busy here during the times I was away. A lot of heated debate between Royalty32 and everyone in Darrin’s MAG Beta Impressions post. After some investigating, I turned up some information on him and presented it to him, so he admitted to just getting people riled up and everything just by acting like a 360 fanboy and says he’ll stop now. Let’s hope he’s a man of his word!

Darrin has a bunch of opinion posts over the past week, as well as posting up his monthly sales data posts. There has also been a bit of debate on the recent change in the box art for Heavy Rain, which garnered enough criticism that Quantic Dream is going to provide a printable PDF of the European box art you can use to place over the original cover. Also, if you haven’t read it, be sure to check out my recap for CES!

Beyond that, there haven’t been any huge announcements or anything, but be sure to go through the Gaming News tab in case there is anything you find interesting that you may have missed over the week. Be sure to check out past Recaps as well, by using the button below.

[tab:Community News]

OK, not much going on Community-wise. We’re still taking Poll ideas, so be sure to send some in if you have any in mind. Voting for Game of the Year awards are still going on, so if you haven’t already, ce sure to vote here. There’s also a new poll on the side bar asking what makes a game enjoyable, so be sure to vote there as well.

Anyway, we’ve had 23 counted submissions this week. Here’s the recognitions for those who contributed news:

Contributor of the Week23

  • Darrin – 6 Entries

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[tab:Gaming News]

3D Gaming: Are You Ready For It?
fleakitten – January 10th

MAG Beta Impressions
Darrin – January 10th

Aliens vs Predator Demo Is Coming
Tosh – January 10th

Sony Qriocity Movie Service
Darrin – January 11th

PlayStation Network Scheduled Maintenance.
Trev – January 12th

Will PS3 Stay on Top in 2010?
Darrin – January 12th

Official US Heavy Rain Box Art
Luke – January 12th

CES 2010: A Recap of the Event
JimmyMagnum – January 12th

Why do Gamers have Platform Bias?
Darrin – January 13th

RPG Spotlight: Resonance of Fate
fleakitten – January 13th

The Hurt Locker Blu-ray Review
Trev – January 13th

Pre-Order God of War III at 7-Eleven
Luke – January 13th

SCEA offers alternative Heavy Rain Box art…
Nico – January 14th

3D Dot Game Heroes Confirmed for Europe
Trev – January 14th

December 2009: PlayStation 3’s Best Month
JimmyMagnum – January 14th

Torne for PS3 in Japan
JimmyMagnum – January 14th

Tekken Movie Trailer – Ready .. FIGHT!
Tosh – January 15th

FIFA 10 Ultimate Team Trailer
Trev – January 15th

Gran Turismo 5 Trailer Drifts In & Yamauchi Interview
Trev – January 15th

December 2009 Sales
Darrin – January 15th

2009 Hardware Sales Overall
Darrin – January 15th

Aliens vs Predator – “Kill” Trailer
Tosh – January 16th

White Knight Chronicles International Edition: Online Tutorial
fleakitten – January 16th

Metal Gear Solid Movie Canceled
JimmyMagnum – January 12th

Online co-op to Scenario Campaign in Tekken 6? Check!
fleakitten – January 13th

Firmware 3.15 is Now Mandatory
JimmyMagnum – January 15th
[tab:Play With Us]

We still don’t have any planned games going on, but I am trying to get a Racing League together for when Gran Turismo 5 comes out. Be sure to check that out here. I also posted it over at another site I frequent and got about 5 others who plan on doing the same, as long as we also do alternations between the types of cars we race (like Luxury one day, Muscle the other).
[tab:Poll Results]

How important is multiplayer support?

  • I want Split-Screen/Co-op – 47 Votes 38% of all votes
  • I want it all – 36 Votes 29% of all votes
  • Focus on single player only – 19 Votes 15% of all votes
  • Not important at all – 12 Votes 10% of all votes
  • Focus on online gameplay only – 7 Votes 6% of all votes
  • I want “tacked on” multiplayer – 3 Votes 2% of all votes

Total Votes: 124
Started: December 28, 2009
[tab:Thank You]
Thanks for reading folks, I will make an attempt to work on more articles this week, as well as getting up the New Game Release post, as well as the PS Store Global Update if Tosh doesn’t get to it. Hopefully the week won’t be as hectic for me this time haha. Also be sure to submit any news of your own after you sign up in the Community forums if you have any interesting stories we hadn’t reported on.