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Food for Thought – Gran Turismo 5 is Already Profitable |


This could be an absolute first in history (minus other Gran Turismo’s) that a game has already made a profit before it even launches. Even with a $60 million dollar (so far) development cost of this game.

Most games could not recover from such a steep development cost no matter what, much less before it launches.

Its quite simple and interesting that a lot of us tend to overlook it…but the reason why is Gran Turismo Prologue. The partial game was a splice of Gran Turismo in the making, launching at $39.99 USD and selling over 3.5 million units gaining over $100 million dollars in revenue.

So Sony is looking at a starting profit before the game launches which is expected to be the PS3’s highest selling title to date.

So who here is planning on purchasing this game? I’m not a huge racing fan so I will probably pass, but I found it interesting that a game leaves the gate with profits in hand.

  • JimmyMagnum

    I’m going to get it for sure! BTW, the pic isn’t showing up. The only thing GT5 really needs is a livery editor because everything else is about perfect at this point

    EDIT: I fixed your title and pic BTW 🙂

  • Eddie

    Thank you. My work ISP blocked me before I had the chance to do so myself. It blocks me for like 30 minutes.

  • JimmyMagnum

    lol, those asses 😛

  • That’s incredible. This is probably the one game I’m looking forward to most.

  • Andy

    I don’t know, I saw a great video comparing Need For Speed: Shift with GT5 Prologue; both looked great, both played well, but NFS just look a whole lot more exciting.

    GT5 Prologue doesn’t get played much these days and the demo for NFS does. I’ll wait for the reviews, and some video in the live damage stuff first I think.

  • JimmyMagnum

    NFS games arent really simulators, though, and the style isnt realistic either. GT5 is in the sim category, NFS is still in the arcade category, with simulation elements in SHIFT, but its still far from a sim title. NFS just happens to look more exciting and better than real life anyway lol

  • Wow. Never thought of it that way. Pretty smart move by Sony.

  • derrickgott007

    I really wouldn’t call Gran Turismo 5 Prologue (GT5p) a slice of Gran Turismo 5(GT5). Kaz himself has stated that GT5p used GT4’s physics engine, and it used the online mode from the beta of GT4 Online that some Playstation GAP members tested a few years back.

    So in reality they are two different animals indeed. I just hope they have increased the physics to a more realistic level than what was in the Gran Turismo 5 Time Trial demo released. That was also stated to have a dumbed down physics engine and graphics engine.

    So we have yet to really even try the real GT5.

  • karooo

    you came to know this from neogaf right?

  • sknight

    I’m not sure if GT5 has reach the point to be already profitable thanks to GT5 Prologue sales. May be, may be not. The $100 million revenue that Eddie mentioned above is just that, revenue, and not all of it goes to Sony. Remember that the 39.99 you paid for each copy, only a fraction of that goes to the game developer, other fraction is to cover production costs (disc recording, manual printing, cover case, etc), other fraction goes to transportation and distribution, other fraction goes to the reseller (Gamestop, Walmart, etc). You get the idea. So maybe Polyphony Digital / Sony have already made a profit on GT5, maybe not, that depends on how much of those 39.99 per copy they get in their pockets after all other costs are covered. But I wouldn’t bet that they have received already more than the 60 million they’ve spent in developing GT5.

  • @#10 – $40 x 3.5 million = $140,000,000 ($140 million). Even if Sony only gets half after costs/shipping/etc. that leaves them with $70 million… 😉

  • Ven

    It should be noted that Gran Turismo 5 Prologue has sold well over 4 million copies now. Granted some of those prices will be at $29.99 but higher than the 3.5million this article states.

  • Dan

    Unless of course Sony are stating the costs purely of GT5 & not including Prologue.

  • Eddie

    Dan: Unless of course Sony are stating the costs purely of GT5 & not including Prologue.  

    Even if Prologue was 60 million dollars to develop as well, they would still be starting with profit on Gt5

  • Blackstaffer

    I’m not interested in driving simulators. Just too boring for me. I’ve sold my copy of GT5P.

  • jerry

    I sold my Copy of GT5P that was because I knew it was a joke and I needed the money. I will be getting GT5 however just because It is promising to be an amzing game. I have the latest time trial demo with the Nissan z300 and its great. If this game is stated to look and feel better then this demo then there will be no game on the planet better then GT5. I will say though they really need to get the smoke down. Cars on the race track kick up alot of dirt and emissions from the car itself. I guess im getting too picky but there also should be more heat waves and more dust. Also sun streaks and reflection high points.

  • David Macphail

    I’ll absolutely be getting this, Gran Turismo is the number 1 racing franchise in the world.

    GT 3 sold 15 million copies, GT 4 sold 12 million.

    I couldn’t help but laugh my ass off when Aaron Greenberg said Halo: Reach would be the biggest selling game of 2010, if Halo sells even half of what GT 5 will it’ll be a miracle.

  • matt

    I’m interested, but most likely not day 1. Looking at the calender of releases I will most likely be very occupied. I would be shocked if I somehow DIDN’T get this game.

    I hope it is better than all of us hope. It isn’t a yearly franchise and waiting a few more years for the next one is too long to wait. I really hope it sells well so Sony can start showing good profit margins in the PS division. GT5 should sell a bunch of PS3 Slims to boast their sales.

    I really hope every review says “This is the greatest driving game period”. Good for us and good for Forza who will try to out do Polyphony on their next game. Those two franchises need each other to push the simulator further.

  • mez

    Polyphony have been working hard to make this game perfect and we already know there will be people who hate on it bash on it because some features are crap or whatever, but seriously Polyphony could have just re-released Gran Tursimo 4 (My favourite racing game of all time) with HD graphics and improved car roster, hell i would happly pay £40 for it, because Gran Tursimo games are the “proper” racing sim’s in my opinion. Need for Speed SHIFT is an arcade racer anyway its not releastic. And Sony produce a PS3 Slim Bundle with Uncharted 2 and GT:5 = 5MILLION SALES :p

  • ukshaun

    /pre-ordered a week ago