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Crysis 2 on PS3 and set in New York |


The Official Playstation Magazine scored an exlcusive first look at Crysis 2 in this month’s issue, revealing that aliens invade New York city. If you grab a copy feel free to let us know what other details are revealed.

I like the shameless plug for the PSP Go BTW…

  • Royalty32

    Crysis 2 is gonna be awsome. My only concern is how will it play on 360. With ps3 havin blu-ray and cell there’s no doubt that crysis will run smooth on ps3. Also are they gonna have to limit the ps3 version so that it wouldnt outshine the 360 version. I belive there using the new cry engine 3 and boi let me tell it is a thing of beauty. WAY BETTER than the unreal 3 engine.

  • matt

    The PS3 version would be my concern. Being a PC game it should be easy to convert to 360. PC still has the DVD limit and is the same architecture as the 360.

    I would think this will be a MAJOR title and all versions should be running the game at a very high quality level for each system. I really hope they do this right for everyone!

  • S’dg

    Awesomest awesome awesome game that will ever come out because it looks so awesome.