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Gran Turismo Vs Reality (Top Gear) |

After Jimmy’s recent post showing a Gran Turismo 5 Video – Real vs In-Game I thought I should share with you guys a feature Top Gear did with Gran Turismo 4 a few years ago;

Its a great piece but i wish the got Jeremy set up with a wheel and pedals to make the test a bit more accurate, in the end I’m sure we can all agree with the conculsion that fear owns us all in reality.

  • Fardoche

    Thanks very interesting and funny. I can see now why GT5 time trial is so hard. PD wants to have it has to close to the real thing. The only problem with that is driving virtual car don’t let you feel G-Force which makes you work even harder at controlling the throttle. There is a G-Force indicator in GT games but it is impossible to use it for gaging your speed while going through a corner. I use mainly for figuring out the best driving line to use.

  • JimmyMagnum

    watching this video gives you a good idea of, just by looking at it, there’s a lot og G-force involved (and looks pretty realistic as well): weird thing was, my mind made me feel like I was moving while watching it lol. dont know how to explain it 😛

    what someone should do is invent/create an enclosed simulation booth (since GT5 will support multiple displays, this would be an amazing setup), have a frontal display, and two other TVs for the left and right side (rear one really wouldnt be needed), build it on the same kind of suspension as one of those professional flight simulators they use for NASA and the like, and to mimic G-forces on turns, input data from the game sends the unit information on how fast to spin the simulator around, and when wrecks occur, jerk the simulator around. Another cool thing to use would be elevation data, so the simulator raises and lowers when going up and down hills. Of course, something like this would be a multi-million dollar investment, but it would be, by far, the most realistic thing outside of actually racing the car

    the idea actually spawned from a simulator I tried when I went to the drags last year for the Chevy 572 engine, where when you launched, the car shot up like it was doing a wheelie and vibrated like you were accelerating down the track. It felt awesome lol. Ah well, maybe GT6 😛

  • LOL Jimmy! With that setup you might as well just drive the real car!

  • JimmyMagnum


  • wow……..