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Nomura “No FFVII Remake Yet, Cloud Could Make Another Appearance” |


In the most recent Famitsu, there is a special tribute to Final Fantasy VII’s main character, Cloud Strife. It showed images of all the games he was in and his cameo appearances etc. There was a short discussion with his creater, Tetsuya Nomura who concluded that FFVII Remake is not being developed at this time. He really wants to do it, and he is aware that the fans want it as well, but “as of right now, development has not started rolling.”

However he added that it is very possible that Cloud with guest-star in another game in the near future, in a similar way to how he was featured in Dissidia.

One could conclude by Nomura’s words….FFVII is just a matter of time. It sounds as if it 100% is happening, just not yet.

We do know Nomura is working on several other games at this time.

Final Fantasy XIII Versus
Final Fantasy XIII Agito
3rd Birthday
Unannounced Project #1
Unannounced Project #2
Next Kingdom Hearts

*thanks to Duckroll of NeoGaf for translating*

  • Meh. Another balloon burst. I guess Advent Children is as close as we’ll get.

  • Eddie

    You see balloon burst…I see confirmation. So we know its happening..just not yet.

  • Well I’m done holding my breath.
    Ever since KH 2 and FFXII, whenever SE announces a new FF game it doesn’t become available until 3-4 years later.

  • Yah, they’re all buzzing about this here in Japan too. Nomura has his plate full, but he’s going to die a rich and happy man.

  • CloudStrifeForeva

    If they’re not going to bring out the game remake of FFVII for the PS3 soon , can they please, please, at least do a sequel to Advent Children to keep all us fans goin’ in the meantime!

  • jay

    they already made a sequel to advent childeren its called drige of cerberus