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Heavy Rain Chronicles – Become the Origami Killer and more |

Real Origami Killer

One of the Heavy Rain Chronicles will involve you playing as the Origami Killer. Which will be very interesting after you’ve beaten the game. Another Chronicle will include FBI profiler Norman Jayden. In this one you’ll find out about his drug addiction and his scar. There is also one about photographer Madison Paige. She investigates a taxidermist and gets into trouble. I think I’ve seen part of this in past trailers if I recall correctly .

Most of these Heavy Rain Chronicles are essentially prequels to the story. They will last about an hour. I’m sure there will be Chronicles for the rest of the characters in time.

Side note: Here is how to make a the Origami Killer calling card.



  1. JimmyMagnum

    yeah, I remember the taxidermist one, it was like a demo of sorts a couple E3’s back (I believe they said then that the demo wasn’t going to be in the game back then, too)

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