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MAG Final Game |


MAG is out tomorrow in the USA and will also be out in Europe by the end of the week. Zipper have promised that the final product will be an improvement on the beta with the inclusion of 15 maps instead of 6 and 5 modes compared to the 2 in the beta. But that’s not all the changed as Zipper lists a host of changes added via a patch which is already online. Full details of the patch and some videos after the jump.

MAG Patch v1.01

· Added ability for player to use knife during a reload animation.
· Applied significant tuning adjustments for all weapons and armor.
· Increased sprint duration before tiring by 30%.
· Lowered XP requirements for levels 2 thru 4.
· Lowered level-entry restrictions for Sabotage from Level 3 to Level 2.
· Lowered level-entry restrictions for Acquisition from Level 5 to Level 4.
· Lowered level-entry restrictions for Domination from Level 10 to Level 8.
· Enabled proper level requirements for unlocking headgear, facegear, and uniforms.
· Fixed problem with recoil/firing animation that kept playing for a few seconds after the player fires an automatic gun and uses knife swipe simultaneously.

· Fixed bug where incapacitated players’ nametags would occasionally disappear.
· Repositioned onscreen weapons for improved field of view.
· Armory items (facegear/ headgear/ uniforms) reordered.
· Removed helmets from “Loadout 3” for all factions.

· Made significant increase in framerate during player-heavy games.
· Changed light settings for all environments.
· Polished recoil effect for better realism.
· Fixed offset muzzle flash effect.
· Tuned camera to shake more realistically when hit by bullets.
· Adjusted “blur” effect for both normal sights and iron sights.
· Added alternate reload animation.
· New “light scatter” treatment for all skies.
· Repaired various “weapon clipping” issues.
· Enacted several particle fogging adjustments.

· Switched first-person weapon sounds to true stereo.
· Moved first-person character interactions and weapon switches to true stereo.
· Tweaked sounds effects relating to landing on surfaces.

· Added error display and queue panel updates to notify player when they’ve encountered a “join game” failure.
· Made various server stability fixes and tweaks.

The latest patch notes can always be found on the official MAG Blog. If you’re having trouble deciding which faction to team up with you can always enlist via, I ended up choosing S.V.E.R. If you missed it there’s a new Kevin Butler advert for MAG which you can see here.

There is also a good interview with Ben Jones of Zipper explaining how the beta turned out;

MAG CES Interview with Ben Jones from Zipper Interactive on Vimeo.

A full review will be up on the blog once the servers are online and I have spent enough time with it. If you’re planning on picking this up then give me a shout and I might see you on the battlefield!

  • caldape95

    I’m really starting to like how this game looks.

  • In above photo it look so action pack game I am very glad to seen this one.

  • Royalty32

    Me and a buddy actually played the final version and it is ****ing AWSOME. You can tell that they really upgraded everything basically. The game is a million times better than the beta. BUY THIS GAME NOW.

  • Smegmazor

    Royalty, you’re such a character.

  • Royalty32

    LOL! Thanks Smegmazor. Yea i know i was bashin this game hard but this really is an awsome game. Sorry for the bullshit i pulled a while ago.

  • Smegmazor

    It’s cool. What Faction did you join?

  • Royalty2132


  • Trieloth

    Yep getting this today and I cant ****ing wait. I have a busy week though :(. Trading in mw2 towards it to save some money.

  • Smegmazor

    I guess I’ll be going up against you, Royalty, being that I’m in Valor.

  • Royalty2132

    See u on the battlefield Smegmazor

  • Smegmazor

    Yeah, though on the battlefield I’m called BATTLEFACE.

  • doshin

    This is my first FPS since Killzone (hey Mockers), and I have my first impressions are mixed. The PMCs and the skills seem pretty uninspired. I’ll give it a fair shake, but it isn’t the slam dunk that I thought it would be.

    I’m playing as SVER.

  • Royalty32

    Alot of reviewers arent givin MAG amazing scores. There not terrible scores but i thought it would get higher than its gettin. IGN UK gave it a 7.8. or hasnt even done reviews on it yet. Been playin it ova mi buddys house and its awsome to me. Its not a run n gun shooter like MW2. If u try to be a lone wolf then u will die often and fast. I’ll be gettin my own coy Feb. 5 with a new 250gb ps3 slim.

    P.S. Yes i was the one bashin ps3 and sayin how 360 was the all mighty king. Once again i want to apologize to everyone for startin shit. Yes ive decided to go wit ps3 for all the rite reasons. Mainly cuz of free online and GoW 3, which looks ****in amazin

  • Trieloth

    I played a bunch last night and once I adjusted everything and started getting points I became addicted big time…I almost called in sick for work lol. The game does have its fair share of campers/snipers though. All I can say is grow some balls and stop hiding.

    @Royalty thanks for the apology

  • Royalty32 itself gave it a seven. I dont know how they are basing the review but this game definitly deserves at least 8.5. 256 players online at one time thats just insane.