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Another way to earn points on |

You can now earn points by posting in the forum! It will log it in your My Points page too. I updated the master points page with all the ways you can earn points as well.

  • 5 Points for a reply in the Forum
  • 25 Points for a New Topic Creation in the Forum

In case you missed it in the Quick News. Guests can now post in the Forum. This is just an experiment, if people abuse this with spam. I’ll make guests have read only access again. I’m still taking ideas on how we can use these points. So let’s hear them!

Here is Emrah’s idea.

Sometimes you do giveaways, we may be able to “spend” those points on lottery chances. Then you’d have to have a total points earnt and points spent information.

One thought I had is when we hold contests/giveaways. You have to spend some of your points when you win the item.

  • JimmyMagnum

    the lottery thing is like how 98.7 the Peak (a radio station out here) does their contests. The question is, is there a plug-in that would allow for it on the points system?

    other than that, I don’t really know what the points can be used for