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White Knight Chronicles – Bunches of Stuff! |

With White Knight Chronicles being released next week on the 2nd, one of many PS3 exclusives for this year, there’s a bunch of goodies to follow along with it. First off, there will be several WKC Dynamic Themes to be released over the next month, with the first one hitting the PlayStation Store next Thursday.

There will also be PlayStation Home integration, and when you unlock a particular trophy within the game, you will unlock items to use within PlayStation Home, one of which is a White Knight costume. After your save is created, you also automatically unlock a figurine to place in your Personal Space.

LittleBigPlanet is also taking part in the game’s release by releasing the WKC Costume and Sticker pack on February 25th, each costume depicting a character from the game (Leonard, the White Knight, the Black Knight and the Dragon Knight).

The game itself also offers an Online Workshop, which grants you Georama parts not available to create otherwise. And just to point out, the video up top showcases the character creation.


  • Nice! I was just about to post this about the LBP outfits. Just preordered WKC! Can’t wait!

  • Ceidz

    WKC preordered here too !! It’s been a while since we had a nice JRPG on the Playstation !!

  • Eddie

    I may not be able to get it on launch day…but will get it very soon and I expect to see you guys on the online side!

  • So nice

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