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Why Do PS3 Exclusives Not Sell? |

This question has been asked many times: Why do many PS3 games, such as Uncharted 2, get mediocre sales?

To be clear, the sales weren’t bad; I’m sure it recouped costs and turned a profit, and it sold well compared to other PS3 exclusives, but compared to the other sales hits of the year, it’s not close. And for a game that is of such universally praised quality and so seemingly mass-market friendly, it’s puzzling.

The infamous games industry financial analyst, Michael Pachter, said:

“I’m still completely baffled at Uncharted 2’s sales… I just don’t get it.”

Now, I expect a sales analyst like this to have bad taste and to be clueless about the games themselves, but for a sales analyst to be clueless about sales? What good are you?

Anecdotally, I recently met a few people socially who happened to mention that they were really into Modern Warfare 2. I was surprised that they said they had a PS3 (I expected an Xbox). I asked what they thought of Uncharted 2, and they never even heard of it. I mean literally, they had absolutely no clue what it was, nor any interest in doing so. I asked what else they played, and they named a few sports games, but basically weren’t familiar with anything outside of the real big names: Call of Duty, Guitar Hero, sports games, Wii games, and to a lesser extent GTA/Halo/Gears. And while this is only a small anecdote, it’s a good barometer that explains this larger trend in the U.S.

Ex Sun-CTO, Greg Papadopoulos, once said:

All technology ultimately becomes a fashion item. It was true for timekeeping, and it’s definitely true of computing and telecommunications.

I think that fashion mindset applies to games. You can attribute some of the fates of video game sales to clearly understandable issues such as pricing, product quality, and advertising, but almost any long-term observer will conclude that there is a large dose of unpredictable, unexplainable, seeming randomness to it all.

  • Royalty32

    Wow, good question. I think it has to do with how u market the game. I think that Sony has to force a game on u, meaning more commercials, posters, etc… . I think with U2, it becuase of the first Uncharted. Not alot of ppl bought the first one so they have no idea that a second one was even made. Bottom line, if u want ur game to sell market the hell out of it.

  • Trieloth

    Yet another question in which there is no real answer that can be found. But if I was to guess…it might be because they dont use M$ practices of shoving there crap down your throat until you feel like your suppose to have it or your freinds will hate you (aka Halo, MW2).

  • Luke

    Microsoft or not, it’s obvious SONY’s marketing is crap. Uncharted 2 was just an awesome game, for a team to give you such an exclusive and you don’t capitalize on it is just sad.

  • steffo

    Wait, 3 million sales is bad?If I remember correctly, Gears 2 sold about 3 million in roughly the same time span, I think, and the PS3’s got a similar install base now to the 360 a year ago.

    It’ll quite happily keep chugging away till it hits 5 mill or so, I have no doubt.

    Anyway, analysts are so often wrong it’s not worth worrying about.

  • Mike

    Seems pretty simple to me. Sony started this gen with a $599 system and unknown properties.

    This creates a few problems:

    01. Most of the franchises that would get people to pay that much for a system didn’t appear until the price had dropped by about 33% (GTA, Metal Gear… the first real Final Fantasy is just coming out now).

    02. If people are not buying the system, they are not becoming familiar with the new IPs like Resistance or Uncharted. When they did get around to buying the system, it was when the aforementioned games and similarly known franchises were released.

    03. Popular franchises have atrophied while Sony tried to push out the new properties. Why try to compete with Battlefield with an unknown property like MAG and in turn allow the well regarded SOCOM franchise to languish?

    04. Now that the system is priced well, people who are buying it are purchasing games from the franchises they know. People who just bought the system since September probably never played Uncharted, and games like Modern Warfare 2 got more media hype prior to release. Uncharted 2 has gotten attention post release because of the quality, but the first game was not a blockbuster. They are basically starting from scratch in getting people aware of the brand and how well regarded the game is.

    Wash, rinse, repeat for Little Big Planet and the other high quality games Sony has published but didn’t sell as well as they should have.

    Xbox 360 launched with known quantities – Call of Duty, Project Gotham Racing, etc. The two top selling franchises on the system are Call of Duty and Halo, both of which existed before the system did.

    I am not saying Sony should disregard the original content and new IPs, because many of those games are terrific. But there was really no need for franchises like Twisted Metal, Wipeout, Syphon Filter, and every other hit brand they had to turn into PSP or PSN only games.

    Simply put, the great hardware sales they are seeing now are just going to translate into more sales for the franchises people have been playing for the past four years on other hardware. Until they do a better job marketing their own products the situation is unlikely to change.

  • Darrin

    chemical diagram for teflon?

    Sony’s marketing isn’t the problem. That’s a lame excuse.

    3 million sales? I didn’t realize it was so high. In the US, it got 500K sales in October and fell off the NPD top 10 chart for Nov/Dec. It didn’t do well on Media Create Japan charts either. Didn’t see worldwide totals.

  • Smegmazor

    Some of these underdog games need more advertising. That and the fact that video games are similar to that of the music industry. You’ve got Pop music and then there’s everything else, thus the term Popshooter.

    You’ve got popular bands that will always top the charts and smaller groups whose music is geared towards a smaller, specific demographic. In my opinion, it’s usually these underdog groups that sound better and are more serious about their craft than the more famous trendy groups.

    I’m not saying that the now famous game developers of the world are bullshitting their way through game concepts and programming, but more like they gear their games toward anyone who just want to pick up a controller and play video games. Not towards what some us gamers would like to see.

  • SicSemperTyranis

    I think the 3 million is worldwide. VGCharts (not the best source) says 2.76 million world wide with 1.34 million in the US.

  • Uncharted is not a big franchise yet. Its name is not out there, especially when you compare it to COD, GTA, Halo and all the sports games. Sure Gears only 2 games too but the first came out a long time before Uncharted 1 and the Xbox has a bigger install base. It will get there it just needs time for everyone to hear about it. Must admit in England a lot of PS3 owners I have met all seem to know about it so I’m a bit baffled by your social expeditions!

  • Blackstaffer

    Part of the problem is that lots of people bought their PS3’s to use as BD players. I know one of my friends never plays a game on his. That issue is falling by the wayside as more BD players come to market at cheaper prices. But a good part of the PS3’s installed base just doesn’t play many/any games.

  • A game has mediocre sales because it doesn’t shift 6 million units on day one? 3 million in 3 months ( or close to it ) isn’t good enough?

    I believe Uncharted 2 has sold more than L4D2 WW according to VGChartz ( which may or may not be a reliable source but it’s all we have ). A sleeper hit like Demon Souls, a low budget new IP , and Valkyria Chronicles have sold well too.

    Heavenly Sword, KZ2, LBP, MGS4 and Infamous have all gone on to sell over a million games. And now that the PS3 is more affordable, gamers may be more inclined to see what they’ve missed out on exclusive wise.

    Noone expects any PS3 exclusive game to sell Halo numbers because young ppl in NA are pro Xbox. They’ve been bashing Sony and the PS3 since 2005.

    Of course, Sony spending the first year or so advertising the PS3 as a BR player 1st and gaming system last didn’t help either.

  • Luke

    I didn’t even know it hit 2 million. Last time they announced the sales it just past 1 million so I thought the analyst was disappointed because the game had only sold 1.5 million copies or so.

    If the number is closer to 3 million then I am happy. This demo will hopefully create some additional sales.

  • Eddie

    PS3 does have a lower attach rate then the 360. There are several reasons why I suppose….but several PS3 games sell great. I think MGS4 is over 5 million.

  • iFlash

    I agree with the guys who said marketting is the issue. 360 exclusives almost no matter what game… get tons of comercials. The game is marketted alone showing off the story and look. Just look at mass effect 2 commercials, uncharged should have been shown off in the same manner. They spend all this money on a game but they don’t seem to show it off.

  • Adam

    So you right an article about PS3 exclusives not selling based on one line by Michael Pachter, without any sales figures included?

    PS3 exclusives are doing fine, just check VGChartz

  • gunstar

    The PS3 was intended as a high end video game machine according to Kutaragi and that means it was not for the mass market. Initially at least.

  • Fred Cruz

    Who knows my this happens but I know one reason why this may be happening to Sony and it’s a personal reason for me. First I don’t hate on any of the console. Here’s the thing for me, it’s not the game that is a problem or the marketing of the game. My issue is with the PS3 is the controller.

    I get that many people love the controller I’m not oblivious to that fact. But I really don’t like it because it’s not ergonomically correct. Depending on the game you are playing the control pad get’s in the way of enjoying the PS3 GAMES. At least for me this is true. So many times I end up doing mistakes in my game and getting frustrated because it ruins my experience.

    So why would this matter? Because I tend to buy the must have game for the XBOX360 vs the PS3. And when it comes down to PS3 exclusives I will bend and buy it because I know they are good games and I will deal with the ps3 controller. I am an informed gamer but imagine those that are not. They may skip it all together if they don’t know how good the game really is and they rather not buy it for the PS3 due to the controller.

    I know I would buy more PS3 games if the controller was better than it is today for example Batman Returns (with the joker). I bought it for the xbox360.

  • palgi

    What? 3million in 2 months is bad???

  • lol

    I don’t care why PS3 ex “not sell” cuz I’m buyin it & playin’ ti. So shut the **** up poor xbots 🙂

  • Royalty32

    @ Fred Cruz r u really blaming U2 sales on the dualshock 3. Now ive heard everything. Now this is off topic but alot of ppl compalin about the controller. What they dont realize is that its the same controller we’ve been using for yrs (PS,PS2) The only thing different from the DS 2&3 is the R2 L2 buttons. Now ill admit that they are terrible but it doesnt affect the game or and it damn sho doesnt effect the sales.

  • devist8r

    I think it has to do with Sony’s complete lack of effective advertising. They have a commercial here and there for the system, but the games get piss poor exposure. If the PS3 gamer is not reading the online blogs and following industry news, they may very well not hear about these exclusives.

  • Eieio

    Are they still making or considering making an Uncharted movie? If so, it doesn’t seem outside the realm of possibility that the movie in this case could drive sales of the game–if Sony were smart, they’d try to work in an ad for the game before or after–hopefully not during (unless very well and cleverly)–the movie.

  • Leopard

    i just want an honest answer.

    How on earth can 2.76 million sales in 2 months+ be considered bad?

  • Fyle

    From what I can tell, VgChartz’s numbers are inflated. Uncharted 2’s sales were reported to be one million on November 12. That gives it three weeks of being on market. VgChartz, instead, had it at 1.38 million in three weeks. Also, in early December, the composer, Greg Edmonson, stated that it had sold 1.36 million. By that time, VgChartz had sales at 1.7 – 1.8 million. Furthermore, Uncharted 2 hit the one-million mark in the U.S. at the end of December. VgChartz stated that it reached one million a couple weeks earlier.

    While I do believe that Uncharted 2 has exceeded the 2 million mark, I don’t think it’s as high as what VgChartz has it at.

  • joostin

    I totally agree with #2 Eieio. Especially since the game is of such high calibur, Sony could make the first AAA Movie/Game release. Wolverine was good, but I would not consider it a AAA game, or movie really for that matter lol.

    Anyways, a good quality movie along with a top notch game “Uncharted 3”, we could see a huge jump in sales.

  • Alex Price

    To answer Leopard’s point, 2.76 million in two months might not be bad, but Mass Effect 2 has shifted 2 million on day 1. Also heres a reason games dont sell as well on PS3. 100% of 360 owners bought it to play games. A % of PS3 owners bought it as a decent Blu Ray player and media hub. How come nobody has realised this when airing confusion over low sales. Just look at the attatch rates.

  • Bigperm

    @ Leopard:

    2.76 million is bad relative to Modern Warfare 2 selling 16 million (between 360 and PS3).

    I can understand there might be a minority of users only caring about FPS type games, but what about Killzone 2. Same story there. I thought it was lack of Sony’s advertising, but I don’t know if you can strictly blame it as the sole reason. I hope this changes for the better as I feel this will only force developers to migrate to the 360 and port their titles over to PS3.

  • datdude

    It’s not about advertising. The attach rates for the 360 are significantly higher than for the ps3. Meaning that 360 gamers on average spend more and buy more games for their system than ps3 gamers. Why is that? Probably in part due to many non-gamers having bought a ps3 when it was the cheapest blu-ray option available. These individuals do not buy games for the system and so when you see the ps3 has sold x amount of units that does not account for those individuals who are not gamers. The 360’s primary function is pure gaming, while for many, the ps3 is merely used for blu-ray movie watching.

  • I think it’s a mixture of things. But I think the MAIN factor is honestly the fact that PS3 gamers have SO much more to choose from. Last Fall all 360 gamers had was CoD MW2 for the most part. What else were they going to buy? And for older FPSs to play to NOT buy MW2, theiri only option ws to keep playing Halo3.

    PS3 gamers on the other hand had a fairly long list of other exclusives to buy besides MW2. Uncharted, Ratchet and Clank, Ninja Gaiden, Demon’s Souls, and I think there’s one I’m forgetting. If you add up all those sales together with the MW2 sales, I’ll bet the PS3 sales surpass MW2 on 360 sales, which was the only game they had to buy. And PS3 gamers that DON’T buy games much still had Killzone 2 and Resistance 2 as exclusive FPSs to not have to buy MW2.

    Now I’m using MW2 as an example, not an exclusive, but I don’t think that matters. The point still stands. Go back to 2007 when Halo 3 launched. Now there were like 15 million PS3 sold by then, if that, but if you add up all the PS3 exclusive sales that fall compared to Halo 3, I bet it’s not that far behind. The point is, PS3 has more variety of amazing exclusives to choose from. 360 gamers don’t have that variety. They all pretty much HAVE to buy that one next big game coming up. On PS3 different types of gamers have different types of games availible to them.

    Look at Mass Effect. What else are they gonna buy in the next couple months? PS3 gamers have to choose between MAG, White Knight and Heavy Rain just for exclusives, nevermind cross-platform games. And btw, I think people are going to be surprised with MAG’s sales. I have to admit, I’m shocked how many people on my friend’s list already have MAG. About 10 people out of my aprox. 30 friends. I wasn’t expecting that tbh.

  • Deep

    This post is odd…since Uncharted 2 is a huge success. It’s sold over 2.7 million units. One of Sony’s biggest games…and naturally a HIT, a SUCCESS. So using U2 as your example…shows you don’t really know what you’re talking about.

  • DDot

    I actually own 360 and PS3. But I only got my PS3 when my 360 red ringed for the second time…and to tell the truth i still play most games for 360. Just a better gaming experience…better online play….i have had PS3 for a couple years now and my have only 3 or 4 games…

  • Carlos

    Stupid. PS3 games do sell, quit using flame bait like this to draw hits… oh crap, it drew me in too.

  • Alan Greenspan would call this randomness the ‘human factor.’

  • mark

    FOr me this is simple you can play Uncharted 2 and then lend it to a friend just like film or book, so the impact on sales is seen up front. Also when you finished the game you can trade it and this has longer affect on sales. That is why we see an online feature to encourage purchase. But the game is really a single player experience.

  • Mustafa

    i just want an honest answer.
    How on earth can 2.76 million sales in 2 months+ be considered bad?

    when another exclusive games sell 2-3 million in first week or sometimes the first day.. :S

  • Royalty32

    People have to remember that Uncharted 2 is ps3 exclusive if it were multiplatform than of couse u would see MW2 numbers. Sayin that i to cant believe U2 only sold 3 million copies. Picture it, there are 30 million+ ps3’s sold and not even half bought one of the greatest games ever. To me it shows no loyalty. Im not fanboy of either console (still deciding which one to buy) but if Uncharted 2 is suppose to be the flagship title and didnt live up to sales expectations than i can see how ppl r callin it a failure. Better yet MW2 sold 6 million on ps3 and alot of ppl was bashin the hell out of that game sayin stuff like MAG is gonna be better and IW doesnt care about ps3 owners like Valve, but yet alot more ppl bought MW2 than U2.

  • Jeff

    First of all Mass effect 2 only sold 500k day one, where did that guy get 2 million?? Secondly ill agree that sony has a lack of advertising for its games, although it has got alot better it still isnt enough. Next 360 sales are so high because its a bunch of kids that either spend all there money on games or get there mommys to buy them every game that drops. I have bills and a life, i buy games as i can dont just grab every game that drops within its first 3 months.

  • Zach

    Uncharted is certainly not the kind of game that lends it’s self to huge sales. It’s a scripted adventure game with limited re-playability and limited multiplayer. I’m a huge playstation fanboy but, there were not these kinds of games that were popular on ps1/ps2 so despite being an excellent game, there’s not much precedent for a game like this on the ps3.

    People are moving away from super linear games, and moving more towards games that have awesome replayability/multiplayer aspects. I believe this is partially responsible for the huge decline in ps3 rpgs (Sadness)

  • Royalty32

    500k in a day thats pretty damn good. just imagin day 2 what 1.5 mill. Thats pretty fantastic if u ask me.

  • Corbyn

    Let me help out here this isnt the only reason but is a part of it i work at best buy and it lets me have a some insight we have a lot of deals from sony that include a ps3 periodically combined that with the fact a lot of people buy it for blu-ray and have no intention of ever playing a game i hate to say it but its not dissimilar to wii game sales there are a lot of consoles owned by people who will never buy a game

  • Royalty32

    I dont like ppl who buy a console and dont play the game that developers spend alot of time makin. I mean if all u wanna do is watch movies than go buy a dvd or blu-ray player.

  • lol

    Another bullshit article by a bullshit journalist.

  • DevilDog273

    It’s not puzzling, it screams why! PS3 games don’t sell because you can’t invite your friend over & play them! Almost all 360 games allow 2 or more people to play threw the campaign or play multyplayer, it’s just dum with games like R2 & Uncharted 2 that u can’t play with your friend sitting right next to u when it has so many differant ways of play in them!

  • Tony


    2.75 million copies sold, fast closing in on 3 million, is mediocre sales?

  • Tony

    Also, you should remember that Mass Effect 2 is a MULTIPLATFORM game, and the vague “2 million in a week” figure announced by EA includes total sales from all platforms.

    To clarify, Uncharted 2 might not be selling quite as amazing as some other big-name heavy hitters like MW2, but I personally never expected it to in the first place. With its “everyman” character who looks like an average Joe and isn’t all ‘roided-up or wearing space-armor, and a story that is more maturely/tastefully presented, not to mention gameplay that is mostly puzzle and platforming-based a la Tomb Raider, I NEVER expected it to be a mass-appeal type of game that grabs all the kiddies’ attention.

    The fact that it’s already sold nearly 3 million is already surprising the heck out of me, and is a testament to the overall quality of the game and all the critical acclaim it received.

  • Alex

    Jeff: First of all Mass effect 2 only sold 500k day one, where did that guy get 2 million?? Secondly ill agree that sony has a lack of advertising for its games, although it has got alot better it still isnt enough. Next 360 sales are so high because its a bunch of kids that either spend all there money on games or get there mommys to buy them every game that drops. I have bills and a life, i buy games as i can dont just grab every game that drops within its first 3 months.  

    That’s not stereotypical at all! /sarcasm

    Seriously, how very childish of you. You want to feel grown up? Don’t claim higher sales on little kids (Xbox 360 owners) buying every game they can, or “mommies” buying those games. That’s absurd and unfair to adult Xbox 360 gamers, and you should be ashamed of yourself for thinking that way. I’m sorry PS3 exclusives aren’t doing as well, but blaming it on Xbox 360 owners as we all have alot of money is ridiculous.

    The posters above you are correct. I know a whole lot of people, my brother included, who want to buy the PS3 mostly for blue-ray movies. It’s low cost, and is a game console too.

  • jellybalboa

    what a bullshit article from a another son of a bitch bullshit journalist

  • Daron

    Please do not use vgchartz as official source for info the site is purely guesstimate on sales of game. Uncharted 2 has to date sold about 2 million not 2.75 million according to ND and also it has not yet sold 1 milion in NA sales (not 1.35 million as listed).

    As for ME2 the 2 million sales figure claim is unofficial wait till the numbers come out at the end of this week.

  • David Banner
  • Actually daron, ND a couple weeks ago officially celebrated 1 million sales in NA noting that Uncharted 1 only sole 775,000 (approx) in it’s lifetime. So you’re wrong about that. And also, I believe VGChartz is the site that doesn’t even count sales from Wal-Mart in their figures, so……

  • …..although it MAY be NPD that doesn’t count Wal-Mart in their figures, I can’t remember which it is.

  • cjasko94

    Last time I checked MGS4 has almost over 5 million sales.
    I remember back in the day when the N64 was out, selling over 1 million was like HUGE! They even put a little logo on the cartridge saying “1 mill sales” or something.

  • kh21

    NPD estimates sales from Walmart since Walmart doesn’t release its numbers. They don’t just leave sales from Walmart out.

  • David Macphail

    I’ve got to say……this article is bollocks and what’s more i’ll tell you why.

    MGS4 sold more than 4.5 million units.

    Uncharted: DF sold 2.5 million units, Uncharted 2 has passed that already.

    LBP has sold well over 2.5 million units.

    Infamous, Resistance, Resistance 2 and Heavenly Sword all sold in the millions.

    Final Fantasy XIII sold 1.9 million in Japan, that’s an attach rate in the region of nearly 50%. Something no 360 game has even come CLOSE to.

    Then there’s the small fact that the Gran Turismo franchise has outsold pretty much all the Xbox exclusives PUT TOGETHER. This title should be “Why has no 360 game ever come close to GT in sales?”.

  • TechRyze

    Honestly – while the PS3 was being delayed since 2005, and while it was overpriced until *2009*, everyone into GAMING, who’s not a Sony fanboy, bought a 360.

    The PS3 is a bloody sexy piece of kit – I LOVE mine, but I’m not buying many games for it. Mostly bargain bin stuff, while using it as a Blu-ray player and a DLNA media player.

    Now, many of the people’s home I see with a PS3 under the telly don’t know much about gaming. They buy FIFA/PES and not much else.

    If I mentioned Unchared 2 to them, they wouldn’t have a clue whet I’m talking about, because Sony haven’t marketed it to that audience properly. They can’t tell if the scenes in the TV ads are just MGS style unplayable cutscenes.

    Now – this combination of factors (plus a few others), has meant that many ‘gamers’ rarely bother with the PS3, if they’ve even bought one yet. They’ve been playing on the 360 for years now, and it’s damn near perfect for gaming, bar the £30 per year for (WONDERFUL) online play.

    Things are getting better however, as there are some FANTASTIC PS3 games available in 2010. God of War III is unmissable, but I expect that Sony wont even put the PS3 trailers on TV to promote it.

    Sony don’t seem to have a clue how to promote their products without feeding the public a string of PR lies.

    Gamers are tired of being strung along by their line of bullshit.

    Sorry – it’s harsh – but the stone cold sober truth.

    They need to do better, and learn how to deliver decent network software and services in reasonable time.

  • Darrin

    Uncharted 2 didn’t sell badly. ND celebrated the sales of the game and a lot of people are very happy. And if it were a crappy game, I would consider it’s sales phenomenal… I’d only say the sales are mediocre in relation to the game’s quality and seeming mass market friendliness.

    It’s not just Uncharted 2 either. All the big PS3 exclusives such as LBP, Infamous, etc just sell much less than comparable quality titles.

    Even, looking at the PS3 version of Modern Wafare 2 (not counting the 360 and PC versions): that sold far, far more than Uncharted 2. So clearly, it’s not just the PS3 hardware.

    Or look at Infamous. Among people who played Infamous, Prototype, and Red Faction, there was a strong consensus that Infamous was definitely the best game. Prototype + Red Faction had amazing engines and open world systems, but the single player missions and extras just done much better in Infamous. Nevertheless, Prototype on 360 sold far better than Infamous on PS3. I don’t want to dismiss other opinions, but for the sake of argument, it’s reasonably safe to say that Infamous was widely considered the better game, yet still didn’t get comparable sales.

    My point is that PS3 games don’t seem to get as many sales as they deserve in comparison to many other lesser quality, lesser liked games. And there is no clear reason… outside of the “human factor” as Alan Greenspan calls it (thanks Atlas)

  • r1sh12

    The thing is not every console owner is a fanboy, and dont really know about these games. So far the ps3 exclusives have been games that attract hardcore gamers. The xbox has had some hardcore games and social ones too. (until recently the GTA DLC etc…)
    Ive got both consoles and I spend 90% of my time on the xbox, and havent really got any exclusive games on the ps3…The only games i have on ps3 are MW2, and the one exclsuive killzone.
    Otherwise I have most xbox games.
    I dont know what it is, but it seems like the ps3 exclusives please the fanboys more than regular gamers.

  • JimmyMagnum

    I havent turned on my 360 since November. Ill have reason to soon though, seeing as Forza 3 is on its way (ill be very, very disappointed if I get a third RROD when I turn it on; if I do, Im probably not even going to bother with it anymore since its out of warranty and fixing it will put the cost that I spent on the first system to about what I spent on my 60GB PS3, which I’ve never had issues with), but I spend FAR more time on my PS3 because I like it better (I don’t play online too much because there are a lot of annoying kids with headsets and I dont feel like bothering muting everyone all the time). I canceled my Live subscription back then too, because, IMO, Live wasn’t too much different from PS3’s online the way I used it and I play everything but XBox exclusives on my PS3 anyway

  • a big bag of stuffs

    ” This question has been asked many times ” O_O SO STOP ASKING IT! PLEASE!

  • Robert

    It’s simple Sony makes good products but no marketing.
    Sony Doesn’t know how to do marketing!!!

  • kobe8ph

    this has been brought up countless times. just appreciate a game for what it is, plain and simple. if it’s GOOD, tell it like it is. A lot of ps3 exclusives are THAT good. and some people don’t like that so they go on their laptops and create a article such as this one. i really don’t know what “not sell” means if it sold 1 million plus.

  • kobe8ph

    another thing……i don’t like your title…’s VERY misleading…..

  • matt S

    Many people seem to buy the PS3 for reasons other than playing games. Either for the streaming of Netflix or blu ray movies. The fact that the free PSN is totally a mess only hinders. Ps3 fanboys are in such denial that their console is in last place in many ways, and aint going anywhere. God help sales of innovative, exclusives like Heavy Rain

  • jason

    Agreed. Horrible article and pointless. Sales this and sales that. Guess a million+isnt good enough these days.Fanboy at work.

  • Darrin

    Why did this post trigger such a strong negative reaction?

    Did some big site link this post or something?

  • Randy

    Darrin: Why did this post trigger such a strong negative reaction?Did some big site link this post or something?  

    Yeah, someone linked it on n4g. (News4Gamers)

  • name

    good question.
    you would think quality games would out sell games that are not as good.
    for example killzone 2 is 10 times better than gears 2 but what sold better?
    how about uncharted 2 and mass effect 2.
    ME2 sold 500000 units in the US alone on launch day.

    i really hope this starts to change otherwise im afraid developers are going to be discouraged to bring their titles over to the ps3 because
    1 it costs more.
    2 its the hardest system to develop for.
    3 has a much lower install base.
    4 support complications, ive heared sony are less than helpful unlike other companies with game development.

    i think theres allot of developers out there wanting to make games exclusive to the ps3 to tap its power and really make the world paper their pants.
    but than they look at the sales of big name games like killzone 2 or uncharted 2 and are then disheartened on doing so.

    developers are not going to spend all that cash, time and effort unless they are 100% sure there going to make a big profit and more than worth their time.
    not to say uncharted 2s sales are bad, there quite good but no where near what they should be.

    50 bucks says the reason why ps3 exclusive games are not selling to well at the moment is because their mostly new IPs.
    if you look at multiplatform games the ps3s sales are up there with the other systems.
    wish i could say the same about the exclusives.
    really the only popular ps2 exclusive that has made a appearance on ps3 and was exclusive is ratchet and clank.

    i really hope sales start to pick up otherwise third party exclusives like Agent may be going the way of the dodo.

  • Martin

    I dont get. Games like Modern warfare 2, Left 4 dead 4, Bioshock and so on, they sell in millions and their graphics are light years away from Uncharted 2 graphics. And also the gameplay and location variability is perfect in Uncharted 2. The only thing that comes to my mind is the marketing. Players must be blind these days.

  • Martin

    Left 4 dead of course, the 4 doesnt belong there 🙂

  • It’s very easy, most of the ps3 owners are casual gamers who don’t care for hardcore games such as Demons souls, uncharted 2 etc. They just want sport games and activision/EA games like lego and rock band.

  • shawn

    the problem is sony thinks there big graphics is going to sell tons of games when apparently it does not matter to the hardcore gamer i own both systems and when a multi plat title comes out i get it on the 360 killzone 2 looks better then gow 2 but in no category is it better heck i cant even play a game of killzone online sucks that bad and not too many people are playing it which shows the problem for sony psn is a joke compared to live i would rather pay 50 bucks a year then settle for this free crap sony needs to stop worring about graphics and worry about the gamers who play the games and give us a good online experience imo

  • thefeebler

    2.76 million worldwide is not selling? So what’s the definition of selling?

  • eboue

    totally agree with ‘kobe8ph’. Such titles as infamous, uncharted2, killzone2 all sold relatively well. I imagine they posted half decent profits aswell as being good ps3 exclusives.

    Why Do PS3 Exclusives Not Sell?….they do sell. remember the ps3 is a more expensive console and has a smaller install base. Articles like this make me laugh! Enjoy good games! Just because Avatar is the highest grossing movie of all time doesn’t make it a good film. The fact it is visually stunning dos help and the fact entrance costs are more expensive for a 3D showing.

  • Beacuse playstation 3 is a bluray player.

  • salesman

    Read wikipedia first about the ps3 exclusives before you write anm article about this and that and sure you’ll be enlighted about the sales

  • Makidian


    The title of your post is misleading but I don’t think there is a better way to phrase. However while your points are somewhat valid they don’t really capture the issue you are trying to explore and since it doesn’t it invites an incites fanboys from the internets. PS3 exclusives sell well, very well by the first party standards. The only first party title that Microsoft has ever released that sells like gangbusters is Halo. The reason that Halo sells so well is quite simple: The original Xbox userbase was extremely small and almost all of those gamers were forced to jump to the 360 when it came out and were all hardcore multiplayer gamers. That is pretty much the lone reason for the massive influx of sales that Halo 3 saw when it came out, coupled with the fact there was massive overhype and a lot of game journalist and bloggers were roundly hammering the PS3. I don’t think Halo Reach will quite realize the sales of Halo 3. Do not take that to say it isn’t going to sell millions because it will, it will likely be the best selling game this year.

    Uncharted 2 has already passed Uncharted in sales and a lot of people didn’t play Uncharted at all so they have no desire to play a new game that they likely have never heard of, which is Sony’s fault for not having more aggressive bundles during the holidays. Most of the better bundles are sold in EU and SCEA for some reason just doesn’t do as many as they should, likely because the American dollar isn’t worth all that much and they don’t want to take a bigger hit on losses than they already did. That said, if I was Kaz I would bundle the shit out of games and since PS3 games have been on a high metascore roll, they should be making bundles with these games proclaiming their greatness. KZ2, U2, Ratchet, etc. Demons Souls has sold incredibly well for a niche very hardcore RPG and word of mouth has set that in motion. I love Demons Souls it one of the most satisfying experiences you can have but a very time consuming one.

    So while your proposition is mostly on the right path you are not looking at the bigger picture which is what a lot of people fail to do. Xbox exclusives don’t really sell any better than PS3 ones, and there are several games that come to mind, most notably being Fable and Forza. Microsoft can proclaim their greatness but their sales are rather lackluster. Forza could never compete with Gran Turismo sales, not in any generation. Final Fantasy XIII will outsell the 360 version handily as multiplatform title. Capcom games generally fare better on the PS3 as well, with few exceptions. Heavy multiplayer focused games will always sell better on the 360 because there are many more teenagers using said system and staying connected with their friends when they play.


    You are a total idiot and shouldn’t ever comment on anything ever again until you can stop regurgitating old, manipulation tactics employed by Microsoft and their fanboys. It’s just as bad as Sony fanboys proclaiming that RRoD is the reason the PS3 is superior. The 360 is superior for it’s online and the PS3 is superior for it’s exclusives. Go dig some change out of your parents couch and buy a ****ing clue.

  • Gladiator007

    The answer to Sony’s trouble is simple. Just take a look at their slogan… “It does everything…”

    Now perhaps they’ve pulled this off of their ads now, not sure, but when you try and position a product as something that “does everything”, you risk branding yourself as “good” at everything, but not great at “one thing.” That leaves Microsoft and Nintendo to brand themselves as great at gaming. Branding can work for you or against you depending on the message that people receive. Sony spent so much money incorporating blu-ray that you also hear in many of their ads the blu-ray component. So what ends up happening is when people think of games, they think Xbox 360 or Wii first and perhaps Playstation 3. 3rd (the pun intended). From a branding perspective, when someone wants gaming, they want something that does gaming not necessarily something that does “does everything.” I’m in no way saying that the PS3 isn’t a good investment but if you want to play games, and your 13 year old is screaming gaming this and gaming that, the company that projects themselves as having the “gaming” system is going to get the most traction. In addition, factor in the one year head start Microsoft had, the inexpensive price tag of the Wii, the fact that the PS3 system launched with a hefty price tag and even though it came with a blu-ray player, at the time there were not that many blu-ray movies out and the ones that were out were expensive compared to DVDs, the PS3 did not make much sense to purchase.

    Now you can say today, the price has gone down and there are more games and blu-ray movies, but once a perception has been instilled in the public’s mind, it’s very difficult to overcome. Sony has a lot of work to do to try and re-educate the market if they want try and regain a dominate foothold with the PS3.

  • kev

    maybe the ps3 exclusives don’t sell better simply because they are not that enjoyable.

    they have a lot of eye candy, but very little substance and low replay values.

    i know the ps3 fanboys will flame me for this statement, but the sales tend to back this up.

    the ps3 exclusives are typically new to the market and without proper marketting can’t really produce much buzz hence lower sales. the problem is; once the publisher riskes upwards of $60 million per game, this leaves very little money left for marketting. Even when they do market, they show very little gameplay footage (marketting “target renders”), do not describe the game or what is so enjoyable about it.

    it’s funny watching the ps3 fanboys claim Forza 3 can’t match GT sales when GT5p was on the market for 2 years and sold 3 million copies. Forza 3 has been on the market for 2 months and sold over 1 million.

    i think this also proves that ps3 fanboys tend to *talk* about their games more than buy them.

  • Rin

    kobe8ph: this has been brought up countless times.just appreciate a game for what it is, plain and simple.if it’s GOOD, tell it like it is.A lot of ps3 exclusives are THAT good.and some people don’t like that so they go on their laptops and create a article such as this one.i really don’t know what “not sell” means if it sold 1 million plus.  

    1 million is not good if you look at other games that have a reputation such as final fantasy.

  • Chilote

    I agree with the article.

    Microsoft and their developers advertise a lot! All my friend that have a PS3 only play popular(advertised) games. I told them about Uncharted2, Demon Souls.. hell. even God of War3 and they had no clue. They were really into multiplatform games.
    MW2 has sold over 6 million copies. So many arcade loving noobs out there.

  • Xbox fan

    Probably a combination of a lot things…. marketing, people buying PS3 that buy it mostly for the blu-ray…. this and that…and that usually PS3 exclusives are niche or only appeals to a certain crowd kind of games… and some of them are generic… like Killzone 2… and MAG (mags 256 players is a gimick… your only allowed to fight 8 other players on the same map of 256 players)…