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Best Narrative/Fiction: Uncharted 2
Biggest WOW Factor: Uncharted 2
Most Innovative Design: Flower
Best Internet Multiplayer: Tie: Killzone 2 + Modern Warfare 2
Best Local Multiplayer: Modern Warfare 2
Most Overhyped: Modern Warfare 2
Most Overrated: Modern Warfare 2
Best Sleeper Hit: Demon’s Souls
Most Underrated: Ratchet & Clank Future: Crack in Time
Best Surprise of the Year: PS3 Slim
Biggest News or Trend of the Year: Motion Control
Biggest Disappointment of the Year: Tie: Brutal Legend, Fat Princess
Best Downloadable Game: Tie: Flower + PixelJunk Shooter
Best Trailer: Uncharted 2
Best Platformer: Ratchet & Clank Future: Crack in Time
Best Action/Adventure: Uncharted 2
Best First Person Shooter: Tie: Killzone 2 + Modern Warfare 2
Best Third Person Shooter: Uncharted 2
Best Open World Action: Infamous
Best RPG: Demon’s Souls
Best Puzzle: Critter Crunch
Best Simulation: IL-2 Sturmovik
Best Strategy: Tie: Mushroom Wars + Savage Moon
Best Sports: FIFA 2010
Game of last Year (2008): LittleBigPlanet
Game of the Year (2009): Uncharted 2

This is from the user vote (votes can be seen here). Sorry for lateness in getting this posted. Uncharted 2 and Modern Warfare 2 really swept the awards. They definitely deserve the praise, but I would like to see that recognition spread around to other titles a little bit more.

  • MW2 didn’t even deserve to get one award! 😐

  • Eddie

    MW2 was an awesome game undeniably so….is it overhyped? probably…but a bad game doesn’t sell 8 million.

  • Darrin

    MW1, and WaW, to me, were wildly overrated basic shooters, that for some reason are just a big fad with a certain demographic. The single player was really bland and the multiplayer was ok, but nothing special.

    MW2, surprised me, and it’s actually really good. The single player is actually decent, the special ops mode is a good addition, and the multiplayer is really, really polished and fun to play.

    I still think games like Infamous and Ratchet should have got a little more recognition.

  • mez

    But Eddie its not really about sales to be honest, Uncharted 1 proved that already

  • JimmyStewart

    I was wondering the other day if you guys were ever going to post a “Best of” list. Glad to see it! Kinda makes me want to pick up Uncharted 2. And call me a God of War fanboy, but I’d say the collection deserved some spot on this list. It’s definitely been the most fun I’ve had on my PS3 to date, and I got my very first platinum with this game!

    I suppose next year will make up for it, I’d imagine God of War 3 will have to win something. It’ll be my “Game of the Console” if there were such an award.

  • Blackstaffer

    This isn’t a list of games that deserve recognition. Or a list of games that are enjoyable to play. It’s a “best of” list. Games are rarely really good at just one thing. A top notch game like Uncharted 2 has great graphics, great sound, great animation, great story. Top developers do well in many categories. Hence the sweeping of the awards.

    If you guys want other games to get more recognition, how about having a “how many good games can you name” contest instead of a “best of” contest.