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The Weekly Recap (January 24-30) |

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Whew, this week, activity picked up quite a bit, with the submitted news anyway. It’s still news submitted from the regulars, so I’d like to see more people submit news besides us! Be sure to click on the “Be a writer” button. It’s free and all you need to do is register yourself and reply to that link so Tosh can give you permissions is all. We nearly broke the 30 article barrier this week with 26 in total :).

Anyway, this week’s highlights included another opinion piece (about why PS3 games don’t sell) by Darrin that happened to make it to the number one spot on N4G and got him a total of 80 comments as of this posting. I also wrote my own editorial that kind of fell to the back burner. I still want to see what others have to say about cheat devices in my article “Cheater!“.

For gaming itself, Heavy Rain made a few posts this week, including a demo announcement, DLC details, and a new, more cinematic trailer.

Trev dominated this week, though, with articles including his Gran Turismo PSP review, and the announcement of God of War 3’s official release date. He has about 11 up, so that was just a small sampling :P.

Also, Darrin informed us of some (I think) big news. The Grand Theft Auto Episodes that were once thought to be completely exclusive to the XBox 360 will be heading to the PS3 and PC. For those of you who thought others and I were blind because we believed they would go multiplatform, I hate to tell ya I told you so! Some believe it to be too little, too late. Given the timing of their release (and the fact that they’re better than the standalone game) in comparison to the PS2 exclusivity days, it’s a big deal, especially since it gives PS3 owners a chance to try them out for a change of pace.

Anyway, that’s it for my mini-rant there. There are a bunch of other announcements this week as well, so be sure to click on the Gaming News tab for more (and for smaller announcements, check out the QuickNews section). Also a heads up, there was a lot of community-based news, so that tab is definitely worth checking out as well so you get yourself in the know, including the Community’s Best Of winners.

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This is going to be the biggest bit of community news in some time. First up, the winners for the Best of 2010, as nominated by the community members, have been announced, with Modern Warfare 2 and Uncharted 2 taking up most of the spots. Modern Warfare 2 was a good game, but it wasn’t “great” in my opinion, and the nominations for the game getting “Most Overrated” and “Overhyped” were well deserved!

As far the site itself, guests are now able to post in the Community forums (though, posts will require approval beforehand, so it’s still recommended that you register). Tosh has already helped one of our guests with an issue, so if you have a problem yourself and can’t be bothered to register, you can now post as a Guest yourself!

Also, the site now has mobile browser support for a multitude of phones, and I know Eddie has been trying that out, posting in the Live Chat and everything. As far as what models and platforms are supported, there’s the Android, Aspen, Blackberry9500, Blackberry9530, Cupcake, Dream, Incognito, iPhone, iPod, Opera Mini, Webmate, webOS.

There’s also been a slight update to the point system as well. You now get points for posting in the forums, 5 for replying to a topic and 25 for starting a new one. As for all the ways you can get these points, be sure to check that out here.

There’s also a countdown at the top of the Sidebar and I have no idea what it;s for, so we can either wait or we can both Tosh until he cracks :lol:. Now that’s it for the Community News, so here’s the recognitions for this week (with a congratulations to Darrin and Trev).

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[tab:Gaming News]

Aliens vs. Predator Heritage Trailer
Tosh – January 25th

Heavy Rain Chronicles – Become the Origami Killer and more
Tosh – January 25th

Hustle Kings on PSN This Thursday
JimmyMagnum – January 25th

MAG Final Game
Trev – January 25th

JimmyMagnum – January 25th

Super Street Fighter IV
Trev – January 26th

Indie Game Challenge Announces Judging Panel
Tosh – January 26th

Gran Turismo PSP Review
Trev – January 26th

FIFA World Cup 2010
Trev – January 27th

Canadian PSN Video Store This Year?
Blackstaffer – January 27th

Assassin’s Creed II DLC [Prices Updated]
Trev – January 27th

GT PSP Gets New Cars DLC
Trev – January 28th

New Heavy Rain Trailer – To Catch a Killer
Tosh – January 28th

God Of War III Out March 16th
Trev – January 28th

Why Do PS3 Exclusives Not Sell?
Darrin – January 28th

Heavy Rain Goes Gold and Demo February 11th
JimmyMagnum – January 28th

White Knight Chronicles – Bunches of Stuff!
JimmyMagnum – January 28th

New Red Dead Redemption Gameplay Trailer – Weapons and Death
JimmyMagnum – January 28th

Battlefield: Bad Company 2 Demo Coming Soon
JimmyMagnum – January 28th

GTA 4 DLC: Episodes From Liberty City on PS3 March 30
Darrin – January 28th

Metal Gear Solid: Peace Walker Delayed
Trev – January 29th

Ex Killzone Developer Working On Resistance 3?
Trev – January 29th

Introducing Vanquish
fleakitten – January 29th

God of War 3 and 7 Eleven Goodies
JimmyMagnum – January 29th

MotoGP 09/10 Screenshots
Trev – January 29th

Gran Turismo 5 Production Car Damage
Trev – January 30th

Zombieland Bluray Bonus
fleakitten – January 26th

Metal Gear Solid “Piece Walker” Web Game
Tosh – January 28th

Capcom Announces MotoGP 09/10 Demo
JimmyMagnum – January 29th
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Nothing is planned still, but I’m still looking for folks to start a racing league for Gran Turismo 5, so if you’re interested, be sure to leave your PSN ID. I am also looking for someone interested in playing a little Hustle Kings online so I can have a reliable opponent so I can test it out for an upcoming review.
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It was definitely nice to see activity pick up a little last week. I would like to thank readers for reading my Weekly Recap. It actually takes a bit of preparation to get it made and lots of patience doing repetitive copy and paste procedures haha. I probably wouldn’t be doing it if it wasn’t for the wonderful invention of tabbed browsing :P. Anyway, always stick around these parts, get involved, and keep this site going! I’m seeing activity definitely picking up for February!

  • Darrin

    These weekly recaps are great. Not much else to say, but I enjoy reading them every week.

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    thanks D!

  • Same here. I look forward to it every week. Keep up the good work.

  • Posting comments on the mobile version of the site works well too 🙂

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    The mobile site looks awesome on my Motorola Droid. Keep up the great work guys!

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    I always look firward to these updates.

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