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New Game Releases for the Week of 1/31/09 |

[tab:PS3 Releases]

Alright, now it’s starting to pick up here! I apologize for the delay in posting this, but here goes! Biggest release this week would probably have to be White Knight Chronicles International Edition, which is a JRPG exclusive to the PS3. This was also the only release in the states. In Europe, on the other hand, Dante’s Inferno and MX vs ATV Reflex will be released, but WKC will have to wait until the 26th. Other than that, next week will be a rather busy release week, with Dante’s Inferno hitting other territories, as well as the release of Bioshock 2. Be sure to check it!

PlayStation 3

White Knight Chronicles – February 2nd // ESRB T

Dante’s Inferno – February 5th // PEGI 18
MX vs ATV Reflex – February 5th // PEGI 3

None Listed

Star Ocean: The Last Hope International – February 4th
[tab:PSP Releases]

PSP was pretty dry, with the PSP getting the same releases as the PS3 in European territories. The only other game besides that to be released is a new Armored Core title in the US.


Armored Core Silent Line

Dante’s Inferno
MX vs ATV Reflex

None Listed

None Listed
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  • oly1kenobi

    What does the J in JRPG stand for?

  • genbatzu


  • Royalty32

    Both of these games are not getting good reviews. With WKC getting the worst out of the two. I thought WKC was suppose to be this awsome game.

  • @ Royalty, If you mean the IGN 5/10 review, the reviewer didn’t even play the online part, he didn’t mention all of the online features and when asked why he said ‘he wasn’t interested in those things’.

    The Examiner scored it : 8/10

    White Knight Chronicles is still a solid RPG. Online questing and a solid battle system will keep things interesting. The main story is a bit too slow, but if you continue on for the full 30-40hrs to complete the single-player, you’ll find an enjoyable game. It’s not a perfect RPG, but it’s certainly a fun one that RPG hungry PS3 owners will enjoy.

    Just Push Start: 4/5

    GameZone 8/10
    Game Informer: 7/10

  • Trieloth

    WKC ROCKS and it is AWESOME!! It was worth every penny for me! But its not for everyone.

  • JimmyMagnum

    Ive never been a big fan of RPGs myself, so I tend to avoid them anyway lol. Nonetheless, there are still people out there with different tastes and that game supposedly caters to that taste