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6.5 million PS3s Sold in Q3 2009 |


Between the months of October and December 2009 Sony has reported they’ve sold 6.5 million PS3s.  The increase in hardware and software sales has made Sony profitable for the first quarter in more than a year. Even though the PS3 saw a sales boost Sony’s other gaming systems saw a sales decline. The PS2 sold 2.1 million units ( down .4 million ) and the PSP sold 4.2 million ( down nearly a million )  during the same period.


Sony: “despite a decrease in PS2 hardware and software unit sales, as well as PSP hardware unit sales, profitability was relatively unchanged mainly due to an improvement in the cost of PS3 hardware”.

The PS3 SLIM’s introduction at a more affordable price tag and Sony’s restructuring plan helped moved the company back into black and closer to the 360 sales. Right now Microsoft has a 5 million unit lead over Sony in worldwide sales with  38.7 million units, while Sony has sold 33.5 million. Sony managed to sell 2.3 million more units than Microsoft’s Xbox 360 as of April 1st-December 31st 2009.  Neither system came anywhere near the Nintendo Wii’s 17 million units sold for the 3rd Quarter 2009, but the Wii is in a category of it’s own.

If Sony can keep up this pace it’s only a matter of time before the PS3 overtakes the 360.

  • Royalty32

    Even i didnt think that the ps3 would dethrone the 360. My foot is offically in my mouth. PS3 will overtake 360 by the end of the year. Sorry i ever doubted u sony.

  • JimmyMagnum

    sony is supoosedly going to make news that their entire line netted a $1.1 billion profit for that period, which is the highest profit they’ve had in a long, long time

  • Luke

    I read somewhere they are going to relaunch the PSP GO and drop the price to reignite the sales. Sony was some good stuff lined up if they do this.

  • TheRealMaxPower

    I am curious if Sony will cut their price again when the 360 does this spring or summer. They are still losing money on each PS3 sold, just not as much as they were. Is it worth the loss of initial money to make it back up in console accessories and games.

    Sales of the PS3 won’t really take off until it hits $199. That is when it may start beating the Wii in month to month sales. Just may not happen for a year or two and talk of the PS4 may be starting by then.

  • JimmyMagnum

    Sony actually made a $1.6 billion profit for that period, $0.88 billion of that went to stock holders:

    @TheRealMaxPower: Microsoft probably wont be doing a price cut any time soon since they, too, would lose more money per console sold. Manufacturing costs have been driven down, so the cost to manufacture a PS3 is far cheaper though, they still lose money off of it like all consoles basically, but they always more than make up for it in software and accessory sales.

    With the 2010 lineup, they’ll more than likely make a profit this next year as well (seriously, what does 360 have coming up besides Halo?)

  • Justin

    That 5 million unit lead is only due to the fact that they sold 5 million more cause of RROD!!!

  • Gradly

    I like PS3 whatsoever

  • Mark

    Sony are doing well and I have always said that it is a top product that will eventually triumph. Following a “Yellow light of death” issue though I have to say i will reconsidering the Ps3 as my gaming choice after the total lack of support from Sony on this matter. Maybe if they owned up the issue they wouldnt be on the way up in terms of profit. can the older systems take the new games and firmware updates? discussion?

  • There is no YLOD “issue”. PS3 failures happen every once in a while, just like all other consumer electronics products. It’s only an “issue” if the failure rates are higher than normal, which they’re not.

    But Sony should have taken care of you nicely if you’re within the warranty period. If they didn’t, shame on them.

  • JimmyMagnum

    yeah, the 360’s RROD was an issue, with it giving the console a ridiculously high failure rate with the old mobos. PS3 never came close to that, even the YLOD is a relatively isolated problem.

    I have a 60GB (now with a 500GB HDD) with no issues, the worst I’ve gotten was not reading discs on the first try, but that was resolved by blowing out the dust. It works like new again. My 360? The tray doesn’t open without you pushing on it in different directions after you press the eject button, has a hard time reading discs half the time, runs loud and hot, and is actually my thrid system due to the RRLOD issue.