Sony Takes Heavy Rain To The Streets

Move over CNN Express Bus. The Heavy Rain Bus is coming to town…

…a town in Germany that is.

That’s right. The ‘Heavy Rain bus’ can only be seen down the streets of Germany right now.  Not a bad way to advertise a game but will Sony expand this form of advertising to the rest of the world?

Written by: Sakinah - Contributing Editor

  1. #1 by genbatzu on February 8th, 2010 [ 3798 Points ]

    any informations about the town where i can find this bus? ^^

  2. #2 by fleakitten on February 8th, 2010 [ 26489 Points ]

    Nope. I think it’s going to travel all over Germany.

  3. #3 by dzounar on February 8th, 2010 [ 2814 Points ]

    Even if it’ll be in one place, with all the buzz around HR, the Internets will take care of spreading the word…

  4. #4 by EdEN on February 8th, 2010 [ 136443 Points ]

    Wait, this game hasn’t been censored or banned in Germany?

  5. #5 by genbatzu on February 10th, 2010 [ 3798 Points ]

    EdEN: Wait, this game hasn’t been censored or banned in Germany?  

    ehm.. nope ^^

    lately all games are uncensored in germany , even Bayonetta, Darksiders, God of War 3(!) and Assassins Creed 2.

    i really don’t know why, normally these kind of games get banned or censored (just like Alien vs. Predator)

    but nudity is not a problem here, only violance…

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