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GT5 Online Racing Preview |

This is some footage from the Portugal GT Academy 2010 final featuring 4 player online racing. The crash at the start aside, there is some astounding driving going on here and any one of the four competitors could of won it. There is quite a lot of position changing considering how fast and narrow this track is, I must offer my congratulations to these guys, its nice to see the beautiful game played well.

You also see there is a notification window bottom left showing changes in position which is a neat touch, hopefully it can be turned off if you wish too as it seems to take up a lot of screen estate. The crash at the start of the video does highlight the need for damage that affects performance though, GT5: Prologue online was pretty awful with everyone bumping each other off the track and driving off the barriers. I hope that in GT5 I see those drivers coming to a hault in their broken wreck of a car.

  • lordincubus

    Wow that was exciting. I can’t wait to get this game I hope I have some quality races like that. I have never tried the steering wheel and pads before. I was thinking about getting it for this edition of the game. Can anyone recommend a brand I sould be looking into? $300 max $75 min.

  • The notification message seems to be for debug purposes or something, since it reads ‘EVENT_OVERTAKE’ – that’s not something that would be of any use to someone playing the game. At least, not with that wording.

  • And I tell you what… I’d have a fit at that cameraman who walks behind the TV at 6:48! How distracting is that?!

  • JimmyMagnum

    @lordincubus: logitech always makes good steering wheel setups with their Driving Force GT stuff

    And yeah, his car should have been messed. I know me personally, I’m a risk taker. Brake late all the time, always take on chances to pass (even if that means getting half the car in the dirt lol), etc. I try not to cause wrecks/hit people, with the only kind of contact I do tend to do is rubbing against the sides

  • Can not wait. Hope it come out in the Summer. But it will probably come out November December.

    Get r dun Polyphony.
    If this track was the demo I would have bought the cars I want for .99 cents a pop after wards. The could have made a fortune off of me.

  • JimmyMagnum

    according to something seen at Target (I believe), the release date was set for March, but we’ll see