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Wii Games to HD Consoles…Good or Bad? |

Something new coming to this gen that I personally viewed as a surprise is that few formally exclusive Wii games are testing the waters by coming over to the PS3 and other consoles.

As we know, there have been many articles on the Wii and core and/or mature games not selling well on it. Whether this be the case and the reason behind it isn’t what I really want to discuss, but the fact that developers are looking to target additional audiences with their once Wii exclusive due to the lack of sales.

The first of its kind or at least the first to break headlines was Suda51 with his “No More Heroes”, a game that was though to have a decent sized audience and decent sales on the Wii. It was announced that “No More Heroes” will be getting new modes, as well as a resolution boost on the PS3 and other HD systems. I believe this is going to be a near full priced game.

Next is Dead Space Extraction. An inside rumor has stated that this game will come to the PS3 and other HD consoles in the form of a downloadable game priced around $15 dollars.

My personal opinion on this, is that these 2 companies are testing the waters to see if it’s worthwhile. I fully expect “No More Heroes” to sell decently. Possibly even break a million…

So if these games sell well, its only obvious that other companies will follow…

Do you want more Wii games either on full Blu-ray versions or PSN downloadable games? What Wii exclusives would you like to see come over to PSN?

  • dzounar

    Madworld, definitely. It should be probably easy to render in HD… 😀

  • Trieloth

    There is a Wii game that I really really really want…and its MURAMASA:The Demon Blade! The same crew did Odins Sphere. Everything else can stay in the garbage.

  • JimmyMagnum

    Madworld would be pretty awesome, if they rebuild it from the ground up to take advantage of the hardware.

    that being said, it’s pretty much a win for everyone, but as Trieloth said, there’s a lot of garbage, too

  • Royalty32

    You guys took my idea. Madworld would be awsome in HD. Also the Conduit, i think has alot of potental.

  • JimmyMagnum

    last week, i posted that article on the Conduit’s developers making their former-wii exclusive “THe Grinder” a multiplatform title, so maybe the Conduit will follow?

  • I enjoyed Dead Space a lot, but I don’t think I’d bother with Extraction since it’s an on-rails shooter.

    I’m not particularly bothered about any Wii games. If I was, I’d have a Wii. Crap games will still be crap games, even in HD.

    Even then, in terms of being on the PS3, I’m not convinced that any Wii game really justifies a full-price release, be it on Blu-ray or a PSN download. A cut-price PSN game for under £10… maybe.

    I don’t think developers should be ‘testing the waters’ with ports of Wii games, since 99% of it is shovelware. If they do so, motion control on PS3 will be over before it’s begun. If motion control is going to take off with the more hardcore gamers, the games are going to have to be better, deeper and more involving.

    But then I guess it’s a catch-22 situation; developers (other than Sony, perhaps) won’t invest in anything new since they won’t know if it will sell… so they’ll release Wii ports, which existing PS3 owners probably won’t be interested in, and won’t buy… which will mean developers will assume PS3 owners have no interest in motion control games, and won’t bother doing anything new and interesting.

  • EdEN

    Well, games ported from Wii to PS3/360 right now get 720p visuals as a trade-in for the motion controls. Could this change after Natal and Arc? Who knows, because that would mean waiting until March 2011 at the earliest for Wii ports as is to who up on the HD Twins.

  • TheRealMaxPower

    If I have bought it for my Wii, I will not buy it for 360/PS3 either.

    I think this could work to some degree for the developers. If they lose a ton of money on the Wii release I can see why they would try this. Spend a little to transfer it over and see what happens. If the cost of the titles are CHEAP, this may get them more profit.