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FIFA 11 To Stop Online Quitters |


In a recent interview with Eurogamer Simon Humber revealed how FIFA 11 (not World Cup 2010) will include some measures to stop people quitting matches when they’re losing.

“[rewarding] people for completing matches rather than quitting out”.

“It’s a complex problem. We do have the five-minute rule: if you find your connection’s poor you can drop out within the first five minutes.

“After that there should be a penalty; just in the online world there are complexities that mean by the time the data comes back to our servers, something there means it doesn’t award the win to the right person. So we’re always looking to improve that.”

2010 FIFA World Cup line producer Simon Humber.

Its a big problem in FIFA 10 that needs fixing, especially if you’re trying to earn the 100 wins online and your opponent quits making the win void. I hope this works out as unlike online shooters where there are more than one players a 1 v 1 game is immediately over when your opponent quits. It’s a shame they didn’t implement it into the WC game though that’s considering it has the online World Cup mode.