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Heavy Rain IGN Review // Review Embargo Lifted |

IGN has reviewed Heavy Rain and gave the game a 9.0/10. For being a game that plays different than most other games out there, that is a very high score! They praised the story, claiming it’s one of the best in video gaming and gave kudos to the risky control scheme, saying that it probably wouldn’t have worked with any other kind of control setup. They have also stated that you’ll gain a connection with the characters and will most likely want to play through the ending chapters multiple times for “vastly” different endings.

Glad to hear that the control scheme works well. They had a few minor issues, though, like some objects not being as detailed as they should be, a few unclear prompts, the accent of the voice actors slipping through on some of the lines, and a couple weird hand/finger twitches. Their biggest complaint, though, was the beginning’s very slow start, but after a supposed couple of hours, the game’s story really draws you in and you’ll not want to put the controller down. Can’t wait to get my hands on this one ;).

You can read the entirety of the review here.

UPDATE: It seems like everyone and their brother has reviewed the game :P. Where’s our review copy? haha. Anyway, Metacritic currently puts the game at a 90 out of 32 reviews. You can check that out here.

  • Mike

    Yeah I am really happy to see that this game panned out to be something great. I already liked Indigo Prophecy so it is cool to see they are succeeding in taking things a step further and I love how serious the plot seems to be. Cannot wait to play this!

  • hobbes

    the demo was lots of fun

  • Royalty32

    This game must be really fantastic. Just got my copy of GameInformer in the mail and it gave Heavy Rain a 9.5, IGN gave it a 9.0.. Wasnt thinkin about gettin this game but i just might. I need to add to my collection any way. So far i have Bioshock 2, MAG and Darksiders. Waitin for GoW 3 and RDD.

  • Trieloth

    Thats a strange score coming from IGN. I dont need reviews but this is proof the Destructiod is a idiot.

  • EdEN

    It’s on my purchase list-to-do in the next couple of months. Too many expenses have made February a no-new-games period.

  • TheRealMaxPower

    Don’t need reviews? You crazy! I don’t care much about the number system. I like reading the reviews to see what they loved/hated about the game. I can usually figure out if the game will suit my taste or not. Sometimes they give a low score for things that won’t bother me.

    Badly reviewed games might get rented instead of purchased. There are too many games that I am interested in to waste my money on some crap game.

    Reviews are also good for sales. 9.0 might sell 2-3 times the amount an 8.0 would. I just hope this sells well so other developers take chances.