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Batman Arkham Asylum 2: Villians |

The Batman Arkham Asylum 2 trailer has hinted at some new villains. All of the hints are quick “fly-bys,” but see if you can spot them.

Here is what has been spotted so far.

The Joker & Harley Quinn: Obviously shown at the end of the trailer.
Joker and Harley

Two Face: The ” We Want You!” poster. (The official website has a clearer picture of it with the Uncle Sam suit obviously split down the middle.)

The Penguin: A sign for his Iceberg Lounge is clearly seen.

The Black Mask: A sign for his company, and his real name Sionis is also clearly seen.

Catwoman: Harder to see than the others, but there is a black cat walking on the fire escape in the upper right hand of the alley.
Black Cat

Can anyone spot any others?

  • EdEN

    Croc and Scarecrow could be in as well since you got either one of them at the game’s ending (won’t spoil anything else). If the game really opens up a little more, even Hush could show up (due to the nature of the trailer).

  • jerry

    Game was down right amazing. Forgot about it when listing awards this year.

  • oly1kenobi

    Hush woud be awesome…

  • yuck so many pop ups on that trailer. wasn’t that the same trailer as the one they released already?

  • oly1kenobi

    yes.. was released at the awards

  • simran69

    i didnt notice any of that execpt for the joker

  • Callum Wilkinson

    Yes you will be in it but I think you are missing some old Caracters out like Clayface, Bane, Scarecrow, Killer croc, The Riddler and Mr freeze
    [The reason I put Mr freeze is becuase I got the collecters edition with Dr. Youngs notes and it said he escaped].
    And lets not forget Ras al ghul
    But pls no Hush or Scarface well you can but there is just know need even for The Mad Hatter even though he was mentioned on Harley Quinns party list

  • hijinx

    in the alley next to iceberg lounge, two character`s shadows fighting, one small, one big!

  • Callum Wilkinson

    Hush would be awsome at the end and maybe some other villians like the Man – Bat because he wasn’t in the Bios and he could be useful as well as the Red Hood [ Jason Todd ] also if there Rocksteady did a 3rd it might not be called Arkham Asylum it should be called Batman: Gothams underworld unleashed and causing havoc in Gotham bit like this one

  • Callum Wilkinson

    Wait Hijinx u are right about the alley although I don’t think their fighting I think its the ventilquest and Scarface and why did it have to be him and Catwoman no offence but they might be usless

  • Upsilon

    There is also a poster with two-face on it on the wall right after it shows the iceberg lounge

  • Callum Wilkinson

    Yes I can spot a few things.
    Scarface in the ally with the ventuliquist
    A titan henchman [ the guy must of through that guy out of that window].
    Riddler should be in it with Mr freeze, Ras al ghul and clayface or I will cry.
    The sparypaint on the wall says ” Farwell Joker ”
    And there is a rumor sating there is going to be the shadow man ?