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GOW3: New Trailer Tonight on Spike |

Tonight on GameTrailers TV With Geoff Keighley at 12:30am (Eastern and Pacific) on Spike, we will be treated to a new trailer for GOW3. If you have DirectTV like I do, this is on at 9:30 Pacific. Here is the trailer for tonights episode.


  1. Royalty32

    *blah blah blah blah my comment has been edited by Jimmy because I like to post spoilers*

  2. oly1kenobi

    Hopefully… hmm.. didn’t know that was a spoiler, because I thought it was common

  3. JimmyStewart

    Supposedly it got a 9/10 in OPM! It sounds amazing, I keep hoping Amazon messes up and sends my pre-order out early. CVG had a news post about it. Copied and pasted from the CVG piece…

    “They fall a long way short of the series’ long-awaited PS3 debut. Like, a really, really long way – this is on a scale PS3 has never known. It makes not only its predecessors seem small, but the competition too. Darksiders and even the very decent Dante’s Inferno have nothing to compare with Kratos’ almighty comeback,” it reads.

    So why a 9 and not a 10? “The game is inches from scoring 10/10, and it’s only the familiarity of the core gameplay (standing on the shoulders of giants) that makes it feel less than the very, very best. But it’s definitely the biggest, and if this is the finale (and the corpses littering the stage by the end of the game suggest it might be), then God Of War III gives PlayStation’s toughest hero the send-off he deserves,” says the review.

  4. JimmyMagnum

    9/10 because of the familiarity of the core gameplay? That gameplay is basically what made GoW a success in the first place! No sense in fixing something that isn’t broken.

  5. JimmyStewart

    Well I can understand where they’re coming from. I mean it is hard to justify a perfect score for a game that’s been relatively unchanged since it’s first iteration. And to be fair to them it’s “inches away from a 10/10”. I’d say for those who are tired of God of War and were hoping for some innovation… that’s the 9/10. For the rest of us… 10/10!

    I know I can’t wait to get my hands on that Ultimate box. I almost made a special trip to get to a 7-11 today to nab a Kratos Fury slurpee. Terrible I know, but I was checking out the ad on the PSN… free downloads and stuff! I want it all.

  6. oly1kenobi

    Ya.. run push button as fast as you can.. kill everyone all around you at the same time.. hmm. 7/10 maybe lol

  7. JimmyMagnum

    *dislike* lol

    If the only issue was the familiarity, the game, if being inches from 10/10, should have been a 9.5, but to each his own I guess. Reviews are opinionated articles anyway. If they were just downright fact, we’d only need one review and Heavy Rain’s would have been 7/10 thanks to Destructoid lol

  8. Royalty32

    Just saw the trailer on spike. AWSOME. March 16th is almost here. YAY!

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