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Heavy Rain Hits #1 Spot on Amazon Best Sellers List |

After the embargo lifted on the reviews for Heavy Rain, it appears that what was once a mysterious title with an unsure future got what it needed most. With multitudes of scores hitting 90-100 (adjusted for scale, of course), it appears that people who were putting the game on hold basically got the assurance they were seeking, thus shooting the game up to the number one spot on’s Best Sellers in Video Games.

Also of note, Final Fantasy XIII for PS3 is in the #3 spot, God of War III at #10 (which will most likely sky rocket when more reviews start coming in) and the 120GB PS3 in the #5 spot (as of this writing anyway). So maybe, just maybe, Heavy Rain could actually be a runaway hit with the sales and become one of the best selling underdogs in a long, long time? That’s still to be seen, of course, but congratulations to Quantic Dream on creating a different experience and still manage to take the #1 spot before it even releases.

  • genbatzu

    wow, there are a lot of PS3 articles in the top 25 , not bad at all Oo
    even multi platform titles, the ps3 version is there 😀

    and ofc, Heavy Rain is allrdy Preordered. I like “new” games with a good story and want to support such developers.

  • Royalty32

    Just played the demo and it was great. The graphics are beautiful and the gameplay is different, not frustrating but fun. Might have to get this after all but after BFBC2 and GoW 3

  • Sport T-Shirts

    nice post, i think this game will be great, i can’t wait to get my hands on it. it has some cool ideas.

  • Jayden Norm

    It should be number one, it is the most immersive game ever to come out on a console. One emotional ride after the other. Excellent!!!